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Stock Type & Thickness
We use cardboard material with the least environmental impact and minimizes waste generation.
Kraft paper is a strong, durable and reliable material that is widely used across many different industries.
Rigid is highly protective, affordable and recyclable material. These boxes provide maximum protection.
Corrugated material is easy to customize, cost effective and sustainable. It is also great for branding purposes.
Finishing Assortment
Foil Stamping
Decorate a wide range of your product packaging with our foil stamping.
Spot UV
Our high-gloss UV coating gives light and shine to cure the printed material's varnish.
Our glossy finishing gives your packaging an extra layer of shine.
Holographic Foiling
Holographic foil diffracts light and reveals the colors of the rainbow at various angles.
With our embossing technique, we transfer the finest details of your product on packaging.
We use debossing technique to add unique graphics into your packaging.
With our matte finish, fingerprints and smudges will now be less visible on the packaging.
Soft Touch Lamination
We add additional layer of protection with soft touch lamination from toner chipping.


Custom Mylar Bags: The Key to Professional Product Packaging

Unlock the potential of professional and impactful product packaging with our custom mylar bags. These specialized bags are designed to elevate your brand, provide optimum protection, and create a lasting impression.

So, discover the power of customized cardboard mylar bags that leave a memorable mark on your customers.

Packaging plays a crucial role in attracting customers and leaving a lasting impression. Are you ready to take your product packaging to the next level? If so, then choose our artistic design custom mylar bags.

The Customize Boxes are the key to achieving professional and impactful product packaging that sets your brand apart. With their superior quality and unique features, mylar bags offer a range of benefits.

They provide optimal protection against moisture, heat, and other environmental factors, ensuring that your products remain in pristine condition.

The glossy and transparent appearance of mylar packaging adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your products. No matter what products you are selling, custom mylar bags are the right option.

So, stand out on the shelves, impress your customers, and reinforce your brand identity with our high-quality custom mylar bags. Most importantly, customized mylar bags elevates your packaging game and makes a memorable statement in the market.


Mylar Bags Offer Versatility

Custom mylar bags are the preferred choice of business. It is because they are used to pack dry fruits, candies, medicines, snacks, tea, and storing herbs. These mylar bags maintain the originality of products.

Shortly, they extended the freshness of your items. They also come with re-closable child resistant zippers Also, their optimum and finest look urges the audience to purchase your products. Plus, they really look professional and offer numerous advantages to business. 


Top-Notch Quality Custom Mylar Bags 

Are you searching for the finest quality packaging solutions? Our custom mylar bags are crafted with precision and made from top-notch materials such as 

  • Cardboard mylar bags
  • Corrugated 
  • Kraft paperboard material

These materials ensure durability and provide optimal protection for your products. Keep them safe from external elements and maintain their freshness.

Furthermore, the exquisite coatings apply to custom mylar bags for further protection. These options helps to enhance the feel of pouches. Some of the commonly used ones are:

  • Food-grade coating
  • Soft-touch coatings
  • Spot UV coating
  • Gloss or matte laminations
  • Metallic coating
  • Pearlescent coating 


Elegant Designs Of Mylar Bags For Food Storage

Are you ready to showcase your food products in style? Our mylar bags for food storage are designed with elegance in mind. From captivating images and eye-catching graphics to unique box shapes, we have you covered in all.

Our attention-grabbing color schemes offer a range of design options to enhance the visual appeal of your food storage packaging. These elegant designs not only attract customers but also convey a sense of quality. Custom mylar bags also settle your brand apart from the competition.


Custom Size of Mylar Bags are Available

The size of custom mylar bags matters a lot. They tell alot about the quantity of product packed inside. Thus, The Customize Boxes can customize the size of mylar bags.

Our packaging experts never choose the wrong size because they know it leaves a wrong impact on the buyer's minds. In other words, the right size enhances the reliability of your products.

You can also check our tailored made custom sized pouches that fits your product needs. 


Do Proper Branding Through Custom Printed Mylar Bags

Boost your brand recognition with our custom-printed mylar bags. We understand the importance of branding therefore we offer various branding elements that can be imprinted on your bags. From logos and taglines to contact information and product details, we ensure that your brand name stands out. Moreover, we utilize advanced printing technologies for getting guarantee sharp and vibrant prints. Some of our latest printing technologies are:

  • Flexography
  • Digital printing
  • Onscreen printing
  • Offset printing

Additionally, embossed logos with foil stamping are done to enhance the visual appeal of custom mylar bags. It has been proven that custom-printed boxes are beneficial for one’s brand growth and success.


Offering Cost-Effective Mylar Bags Wholesale

Looking for cost-effective packaging solutions? Take advantage of our custom shaped mylar bags offers. By ordering in bulk, you not only save money but also ensure a consistent supply of high-quality packaging.

Most importantly, we offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of our products. So, get value for your money and fulfill your packaging needs efficiently with our cost-effective wholesale options.

Additionally, it will save you time and meet bulk quantity demands at a time. Choosing mylar bags wholesale is proven beneficial as it doesn’t let your packaging overcome your business profits.

You can easily manage your expenses by going towards custom mylar bags wholesale options. Moreover, we offer various discounts. So stay tuned to keep updated with our offers.


Entrust Your Packaging Needs To Us

When it comes to packaging, trust is paramount. At The Customize Boxes, you can confidently entrust your packaging needs. We have an expert packaging team that uses creative ideas and does artistic changes in your packaging. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to your requirements. Our company can also ship your custom mylar bags anywhere in the United States. 
Our experts pay full attention to details. This way, we strive to exceed your expectations at every step. Experience hassle-free packaging solutions and elevate your brand with our reliable services. Some of amazing packaging services are;


  • Free Quote

When you work with us, we offer you a free instant quote. Client’s just need to fill the custom quote with your packaging requirements. 


  • No Extra Charges

Our company doesn't charge for plates and dies. This is really good for your packaging budget. 


  • 3D Sampling

You can also request for 3D sampling before the final production. We will send you without even asking counter questions. 


  • Fast & Free Delivery 

Fast and free delivery is the best service that you can avail at our packaging company. Simply, we don’t charge a penny for delivery in the United States.


  • No Minimum Order Quantity

We are very flexible, so you can order any quantity of custom mylar bags. You can even order 50 pouches. 


Contact Us to Order!

You can order your custom mylar bags with just a click. Plus, our agents are also available to answer your questions. Contact us today at sales@thecustomizeboxes.com to discuss your packaging needs and embark on a successful packaging journey.

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