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Stock Type & Thickness
We use cardboard material with the least environmental impact and minimizes waste generation.
Kraft paper is a strong, durable and reliable material that is widely used across many different industries.
Rigid is highly protective, affordable and recyclable material. These boxes provide maximum protection.
Corrugated material is easy to customize, cost effective and sustainable. It is also great for branding purposes.
Finishing Assortment
Foil Stamping
Foil Stamping
Decorate a wide range of your product packaging with our foil stamping.
Spot UV
Spot UV
Our high-gloss UV coating gives light and shine to cure the printed material's varnish.
Our glossy finishing gives your packaging an extra layer of shine.
Holographic Foiling
Holographic Foiling
Holographic foil diffracts light and reveals the colors of the rainbow at various angles.
With our embossing technique, we transfer the finest details of your product on packaging.
We use debossing technique to add unique graphics into your packaging.
With our matte finish, fingerprints and smudges will now be less visible on the packaging.
Soft Touch Lamination
Soft Touch Lamination
We add additional layer of protection with soft touch lamination from toner chipping.


Deliver Your Brand's Message in Style with Exquisite Custom Mailer Boxes

Elevate your brand's packaging and deliver your message in style with our custom mailer boxes. They are designed to protect and impress your target audience.

Moreover, these boxes provide a secure and stylish solution for shipping your products. So, stand out in the mailbox with our mailer boxes that showcase your brand's unique identity.

Are you ready to take your brand's message to the next level? Have you considered the power of packaging as a marketing tool? Packaging is not just about protecting your products.

However, it's an opportunity to make a statement and leave a lasting impression on a target audience. We understand that every brand wants to display its products exceptionally in the market. Therefore, our printed mailer boxes come in.

We understand the importance of delivering your brand's message in style. Our custom mailer boxes are designed to do just that. From the moment your package arrives in the hands of your customers, it becomes your brand’s representative.

Moreover, our mailer boxes are not only functional and secure but also customizable to reflect your brand's unique personality.

With unique personalization options, our custom mailer boxes ensure that your brand's message stands out and resonates with your audience. So, let us help you deliver your brand's motive in style with our custom mailer boxes.


Exquisitely Made Custom Mailer Boxes

Are you looking for unique and exquisite custom mailer boxes? We've got you covered. Our company offers mailer packaging that stands out in the market. Let’s discuss how it’s possible:


Use High-Quality Packaging Material

Quality matters when it comes to packaging. Therefore, we use only the finest materials for our custom mailer boxes. We never compromise on the quality of packaging over quantity. The most commonly found boxes base on the packaging material in our company are:

Each material is renowned for its unique benefits. Cardboard provides a sleek and professional look. Whereas, corrugated mailer boxes offer exceptional strength and durability.

On the other hand, for eco-friendly packaging, we use kraft mailer boxes. They are fully recycled and biodegradable. So, using these materials you can change the world. Using recyclable packaging you can convey your brand mission to a large audience.

Whatever your preference, rest assured that our high-quality packaging materials will protect your products and showcase them with pride.


Add Trendy Designs And Prints

Stay ahead in the market with our custom mailer boxes that feature trendy designs and prints. Our design experts incorporate eye-catching branding elements, such as logos, taglines, and product images, into the packaging.

We focus on advanced printing techniques to make hi-tech and HD prints. Shortly, we work tirelessly to collect amazing printing options. Some of our famously used techniques are:

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • Flexography

All these printing techniques help to elevate the whole look to new heights. Our everlasting prints ensure that your designs come to life with vibrant colors and sharp details.

From elegant designs and classic prints, our custom mailer boxes can be tailored to match your brand's aesthetics. Our professionals can also print sleek minimalistic designs.

Most importantly, with our custom printed mailer boxes you can impress your customers and increase their turnover rate. These boxes will also get the most positive response than simple ones. 


Always Go Towards Unique Box Style Or Shape

Don't settle for ordinary mailer boxes when you can have something extraordinary. Excel from the crowd by choosing a unique box style or shape for your custom mailer boxes.

Unique packaging styles impel customers to love your brand at first sight. Some of our catchy yet unique box styles for custom mailer boxes are:

  • Rectangular mailer packaging boxes
  • Square shaped boxes
  • Custom Die-cut mailer packaging boxes
  • Hexagonal mailer packaging boxes
  • Triangular shaped boxes
  • Mailer packaging boxes with window cut


Choose Catchy Color Schemes

Colors have the power to evoke emotions and attract attention. Therefore, we offer a wide range of catchy color schemes for our custom mailer boxes.

Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or soft and sophisticated tones, we have you covered in all. Moreover, we can create a color palette that complements your brand and captures the essence of your products.

Using different color schemes you can So, let your packaging make a visual impact and instantly grab the attention of your customers.


Add Finishing Features

Make your custom mailer boxes truly special by adding embellishments and finishing touches. Some of the commonly used finishing features by our experts are:

  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing or debossing
  • Gloss or matte finishing options
  • Spot UV coatings
  • Soft-touch coatings

These features enhance the overall look and feel of your packaging. That gives a memorable experience to targeted customers. Moreover, our team can guide you through the selection process, ensuring that every detail aligns with your brand's vision.

All these finishing choices offer unique characteristics to your packaging boxes. 


Appealing and Eye-catching Embellishments

As a reliable packaging partner, we use eye-catching embellishments. We do anything to make custom mailer boxes fancier. You can go for different stickers and glitters.

These embellishment accessories help to elevate your packaging to the next level. Plus, embellished packaging is the ultimate way to enhance the excitement of receivers.  

You can also discuss your suggestion with our packaging specialists. They will help you to select the perfect accessories for your packaging boxes. This way, you can make your packaging boxes a little different. 


Get Mailer Boxes Wholesale At Affordable Prices

Are you in need of mailer packaging in large quantities? Look no further! We offer mailer boxes wholesale at affordable prices, allowing you to save money without compromising on quality.

No matter what’s your business scale, our wholesale options are designed to meet your packaging needs while staying within your budget. Moreover, by ordering custom mailer boxes wholesale, you can take advantage of discounted rates and enjoy significant cost savings.

Above all, it not only saves your money but meets your bulk quantity demands in a short period. So grab this opportunity to entertain its benefits in your business.


The Customize Boxes- Best Packaging Partner

When it comes to packaging solutions, The Customize Boxes is your ultimate partner. We are committed to providing the best packaging services tailored to your specific needs.

With our expertise and attention to detail, we deliver exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Thus, businesses never ask questions about our quality. Our team of professionals works closely with you to understand your specifications.

You can get your dream custom mailer boxes at the fastest turnaround time.  Our team of experts also give you new creative packaging ideas. So collaborate with us and get the following facilities from our platform.

  • Free shipping services
  • Free designing assistance
  • High-quality packaging
  • Top-notch printing facilities
  • 24/7 customer care agent services
  • Boundless customization options
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Get money-saving and time-saving mailer boxes wholesale offers

So why are you delaying this golden opportunity? Contact us at [email protected] for any of your queries. We are pleased to answer your question.


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