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If it's not too much trouble, read these Terms and Conditions cautiously. These Terms and Conditions oversee your access and utilization of this Site. By getting to or assessing this Site there are some boundaries due to the Terms and Conditions and your consent is about obeying any extra rules, limitations, rules, and regulations that might be posted regarding explicit areas or services of this Site. All such supplementary posted rules, limitations, or rules are thus consolidated by reference into these Terms and Conditions. The Customize Boxes.com claims all authority to make changes to this Site and to these Terms and Conditions whenever without earlier notification. Every time you visit this Site, You should survey these Terms of Use.


Copyright (c) 2017 thecustomizeboxes.com. All rights are reserved. It is denied to duplicate or republish any of the materials and software owned by thecustomizeboxes.com site.


You are exclusively liable for your utilization of the Content in blend with some other pictures, illustrations, text, or different materials you integrate into your Products. You concur that you will exclude any content, picture, design, brand name, trademark, or any copyrighted work of any outsider in your Products except if you have acquired the apt approvals from the proprietors. You warrant that your Products don't encroach upon any privileges of any outsider, including copyright, brand name, the privilege of exposure or protection, and won't criticize or slander any outsider and that you have every necessary right or authorizations important to fuse the outsider material into your Products. By putting in a request for your order on this Site, you warrant that you have all essential consent, the right, and the power to put in the request and you approve thecustomizeboxes.com to create the Products for your sake.


You are exclusively liable for your utilization of the Content in blend with some other pictures, illustrations, text, or different materials you consolidate into your Products. You concur that you will exclude any content, picture, plan, brand name, service mark, or any copyrighted work of any outsider in your Products except if you have gotten the actual approvals from the proprietors. You warrant that your Products don't encroach upon any privileges of any outsider, including copyright, brand name, the privilege of exposure or protection, and won't criticize or malign any outsider and that you have every single required right or important consents to fuse the outsider material into your Products. By submitting a request on this Site, you warrant that you have all important consent, right, and position to put in the request and you approve thecustomizeboxes.com to deliver the Products for your benefit.

All data, information, text, photos, illustrations, messages, and some other materials ("Content") are the sole obligation of the individual that created such Content. Consequently, you are answerable for all Content that you send, transfer, post, or in any case communicate through the site. You consent to conform to all nearby principles with respect to online conduct and satisfactory Content. You consent to not utilize the site to transfer, post, or in any case communicate any Content that contains disgusting stuff, anything illegal, or any substance that encroaches the licensed innovation rights or other exclusive privileges of thecustomizeboxes.com or any third party. thecustomizeboxes.com has no control over the content posted by Clients and doesn't ensure the precision, uprightness, or nature of the Content. By no means will thecustomizeboxes.com be obligated to you in any capacity for any Content you might be presented to that you may discover hostile, revolting, or questionable.

You concur that you are answerable for ensuring and shielding your passwords and controlling access to your enlisted account. You accept that you will be answerable for all requests of orders or different actions that are made into your enrolled account. At the point when you, or somebody to whom you have given admittance, arranges a print thing utilizing your password, you allow thecustomizeboxes.com  around the world, eminence free and non-exclusive permit or license to utilize, imitate, sub-license, alter, adjust, distribute, show and make copied works from the Content on the site and on the printed item with a reason to have the record of the designs and dealing the print orders.

You recognize that thecustomizeboxes.com and its designers will have the right (however, not the commitment) in their sole tact to eliminate any Content that disregards the terms of services or may somehow or another be shocking and not acceptable. thecustomizeboxes.com may safeguard Content and may likewise uncover Content whenever needed to do as such by law or because of the situation that such revelation is important to (a) follow lawful cycle; (b) authorizes the terms of services; (c) react to claims that the Content abuses the privileges and rights of outsiders; or (d) ensure the rights, property, or individual well being of thecustomizeboxes.com, its clients and the general population.


Thecustomizeboxes.com will just give recorded design files at 72 DPI (low resolution). The purchasing of higher resolution designed files can give you a good experience so for a quote contact support@thecustomizeboxes.com.


All craftsmanship or designs and pictures should be furnished in CMYK design and with a base goal of 300 DPI resolution. thecustomizeboxes.com isn't liable for any shading changes that happen in transformations from RGB to CMYK shading modes.thecustomizeboxes.com is additionally not answerable for the artwork given by the client himself for pictures, any images or symbols printed vaguely, contorted, or pixilated.


All print occupations require client endorsement of the last craftsmanship and employment detail sheet. When a request of the order has been set, the last work of art confirmations and an occupation particular sheet will be shipped off to clients through email. Clients are liable for surveying all subtleties referenced in the particular sheet, including however not restricted to, dispatching dates and additionally speed of the production process, and affirm that the entirety of the client necessities have been precisely acknowledged. thecustomizeboxes.com isn't obligated for any particularities and necessities past what is noted in the last determination sheet.

Moreover, it is the obligation of the client to audit the last fine art evidence as editing and proofreading are the duty of the client. Because of the various ways that records are readied, spontaneous changes can happen. What is appeared on the last verification confirms that what will be printed. thecustomizeboxes.com unequivocally suggests that the confirmation is printed out at 100% to check real position, spelling, and other plan and design components. thecustomizeboxes.com won't be answerable for any plan or spelling issues that are not distinguished by the client and imparted to thecustomizeboxes.com right away. Upon endorsement, the plan record and employment details will be sent to the department of production and print as it is.

Thecustomizeboxes.com isn't obligated for shading coordinating or ink thickness on-screen verifications affirmed by the clients. Screen verifications foresee plan design or layout, text precision, picture extent, and situation, yet not shading or density. thecustomizeboxes.com will attempt to coordinate the thickness of each shading in couple or duotone. thecustomizeboxes.com isn't subject to the last debut of a duotone except if the client arranges a shading match confirmation. Furthermore, utilization of overlaid lamination may influence or change the presence of the printed colors. thecustomizeboxes.com isn't at risk for the last shading appearance of an item/s covered through lamination.


If you don't mind, note that the paper/card stock utilized for printing for our items isn't food grade. If you have this kind of particularities, a prerequisite should be conveyed in a hard copy right away. Kindly let us know prior to putting in this request if you have a particular food grade necessity concerning paper stock. It is the Client who is bound before implementing the printing, for all the approvals related to proof and layout. For and blunders in printing the items which are mentioned below  thecustomizeboxes.com isn't LIABLE.

  • Graphics Orientation or Placement and Incorrect Font Usage
  • Spelling, Grammatical and Punctuation Errors
  • Wrong Die cuts, Incorrect and Missing Folds and slits
  • Completed Product Sizes


thecustomizeboxes.com will replicate shading from submitting print-prepared documents as intently as could reasonably be expected. Nonetheless, The Customize Boxes can't ensure shading match and color thickness as a result of impediments in the printing measures, various properties of different printing surfaces, just as neighboring picture ink prerequisites. The exactness of shading proliferation is destined to be inside 90% of the last verification you endorsed.

It would be ideal if you note that The Customize Boxes can possibly ensure shading proliferation for your print-prepared records in the event that you request a printed copy of evidence for an extra charge. If you don't mind, note that The Customize Boxes isn't liable for shading varieties between submitted print-prepared pictures and the real fine art or item they speak to.


You concur that you will repay and safeguard The Customize Boxes and all gatherings from whom The Customize Boxes has authorized segments of Content, and their chief officers, and staff members, against all cases, risk, harms, expenses, and costs, including sensible lawful charges and costs emerging out of or identified with (I) your penetration of these Terms and Conditions or (ii) any suit, case, or request emerging from or identifying with any content, photo, picture, illustrations, graphics or other material you fused into Products that was no piece of the standard Site Content.


The Customize Boxes will drop off your request for the order preceding printing/dispatching. But in the case the order is dispatched at this point it can’t be canceled. The orders can be canceled during any stage of the process, but for the cancellation, the extra charges will be applied. Our Customer Service Team will educate you regarding any cancellation costs.

1) Orders are booked online.
2) Orders are adjusted in the department of design.
3) Orders are shipped off the press.
4) Orders are gathered by the delivery firm and shipped.

One can cancel the order before it goes ahead on stage 2. There is a policy for the cancelation of orders at stage 1; $15 including 5% of the total sum to cover the installment processing, bank charges, and the fee of the designing department. For orders dropped on stage 2, at least 20% of the total order amount is deducted as undoing expenses to cover the cost of the design department. We try our best to cancel the order once you jumped into stage 3, but we can’t promise that it will happen. Nonetheless, if the request is yet in stage 3, and the client needs to have it dropped; at least half of the total order means 50% is deducted to cover the costs. When an order arrives on stage 4, it can't be dropped.


When a request for an order has been put effectively, No Refunds are given for any orders and services of the designs.


All the sales are final same as all the orders are distinctive. In the event that we confirm that we made a mistake, we will re-print the request. No Refunds or Credits for this will be there.


The client is advised to inform The Customize Boxes within 3 working days after receiving the order about any fault, flaw, or missing things found in the conveyed items. The Customize Boxes won't be liable for any cases for imperfections, defects, or missing accessories that are not recorded within 3 business days of the receiving date. To get substitution items against the defective product, the client should return (at their own cost) a minimum of 99% of the item which has been received within 10 days after getting the order. No returns will be acknowledged without the written proof of return from The Customize Boxes. All charges identified by speedy printing (surge printing or delivery) are NOT REFUNDABLE, including those requests that are returned under any circumstances. No Exceptions.


While booking an order, The Customize Boxes offers the product options which are mentioned below:

  • STANDARD (NOT ASSURANCE for Shipping Time):
  • Within all 48 adjoining states,  get Free Ground delivery.
  • After the proof of the approval, 10 to 14 working days are needed to send the shipment.
  • Shipping time for Standard Service isn't ensured.
  • PRIORITY -Security to dispatch within 8 business days.
  • Free Ground dispatching is included within 48 adjacent states.
  • Products will be dispatched within 8 business days after definite evidence of approval.
  • EXPRESS - Guaranteed to dispatch within 6 working days.
  • FREE Ground dispatching is included within 48 adjacent states.
  • Products will be dispatched within 6 business days after conclusive verification of the approval.

Despite this, the final proof should be gotten by 11:00 AM EST else one working day will be added to the transportation times. The Customize Boxes will consistently act to print and transport orders in an ideal way. In no situation will The Customize Boxes be obligated for any outcomes or harms coming about because of any postponement in the manufacturing, transportation, or conveyance of the ordered items. All The Customize Boxes clients make a deal to avoid holding The Customize Boxes subject to delays in shipments brought about by technical issues, climate conditions, delivering organization delays, global traditions issues, or some other condition beyond the control of The Customize Boxes. The Customize Boxes shipment and dates of delivery are determined and dependent on assessments given by our providers and ongoing request history.

The Customize Boxes will consistently act to ensure that the scheduled delivery is met and was on time. Notwithstanding, startling technical issues, thus unexpected disappointment, and breakdown may postpone the printing or delivery measures. If an occurrence of postponement in the printing or delivery measures occurs, surge charges or facilitate expenses will be discounted or deferred wherever needed. Requests for orders can't be dropped because of postponements in the printing or transportation measures. All The Customize Boxes clients consent to pay all the traditional obligations like custom duties and expenses on the products that are dispatched to their said location. It is the obligation of the clients to make plans to clear traditions for shipments conveyed outside the United States.

The Customize Boxes have a vital role to make everything ideal for the clients as the quality and pricing are a joint pressure for the clients. Subsequently, The Customize Boxes are prepared to give the best quality at a serious cost. Thus, we have production houses across the world and we make a point to consider our clients. Our packaging houses are working on pretty much all aspects of the world, however, Asia is significant, particularly South Asia, where quality and the serious cost is consistently accessible and you should be stressed over the delivery as it is our obligation to give you the item close to home with no additional charges!


The Customize Boxes notices the following holidays:

  • New Year Day (January 1st)
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labour Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanks, Giving Day
  • Day after Thanks Giving Day
  • Christmas Eve (December 24th)
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)


Before receiving the order, the clients are liable for investigating all packaging for any obvious indications of harm or missing products (when cross-checking the products from the list provided in the packaging in the form of invoices or slips). It is a duty of a client to inform right away The Customize Boxes and the delivery person if he notices any flaw and missing product in the order. Within 3 business days of order, the client can claim the fault, otherwise, The Customize Boxes are not answerable. The Customize Boxes aren't answerable for outsider transportation mistakes, oversights, or harmed shipments.

Every order is dispatched with some extra pieces for which we don’t charge. Rarely the order will be witnessed with fewer pieces than the exact order. Printing exchange principles take into account underages or overages of up to 5%. To avoid any inconvenience, if the specific amount is required, at that point it is recommended that clients should arrange an order 10% over the required quantity.
Extra postage charges will be evaluated for packaging that must be reshipped because of the way that a mistake was made by the client in presenting the correct delivery address.


The site and its content are given "as it is" without any sort of guarantee, either communicated or suggested, including, however, not restricted to, guarantees of merchantability, qualified for a specific reason, or non-encroachment. You recognize that the activity of the site may not be continuous or mistake-free. References and connections to items or services of independent organizations may show up on the site. These references and connections are given "as it is " without guarantee of any sort, either communicated or inferred.


On no occasion will The Customize Boxes or its licensors, providers, or sellers, their officials, chiefs, representatives, or specialists be at risk for any extraordinary, coincidental, circuitous, or significant harms of any sort, or for any harms at all subsequent from loss of utilization, data, profit, or benefits, regardless of whether The Customize Boxes has been instructed with the concern of the chance of harm, emerging out of or regarding the utilization or execution of the site or of inability to give items or services that you request from The Customize Boxes or its members, including without restriction, harms emerging from botch or error, exclusion, virus, deferral, or interference of services. On no occasion will The Customize Boxes be subject or liable for any harms or results emerging from or identified with your unseemly or unapproved utilization of this site or its content.

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