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Stock Type & Thickness
We use cardboard material with the least environmental impact and minimizes waste generation.
Kraft paper is a strong, durable and reliable material that is widely used across many different industries.
Rigid is highly protective, affordable and recyclable material. These boxes provide maximum protection.
Corrugated material is easy to customize, cost effective and sustainable. It is also great for branding purposes.
Finishing Assortment
Foil Stamping
Foil Stamping
Decorate a wide range of your product packaging with our foil stamping.
Spot UV
Spot UV
Our high-gloss UV coating gives light and shine to cure the printed material's varnish.
Our glossy finishing gives your packaging an extra layer of shine.
Holographic Foiling
Holographic Foiling
Holographic foil diffracts light and reveals the colors of the rainbow at various angles.
With our embossing technique, we transfer the finest details of your product on packaging.
We use debossing technique to add unique graphics into your packaging.
With our matte finish, fingerprints and smudges will now be less visible on the packaging.
Soft Touch Lamination
Soft Touch Lamination
We add additional layer of protection with soft touch lamination from toner chipping.


Increase Brand Visibility And Appeal With Custom Retail Boxes

Increase your brand's visibility and appeal with our custom retail boxes. They are designed to showcase your products and capture attention. Our retail boxes stand out in the competitive retail market. So, elevate your brand image and create a lasting impression with custom retail boxes that reflect your unique identity.

Are you ready to expand your retail business? Have you considered the impact of packaging on your brand's visibility and appeal? Packaging is more than just a means to protect your products. However, it is a powerful tool for branding and marketing. And when it comes to retail, custom retail boxes play a crucial role in capturing attention. 

Imagine walking into a store and being drawn to a product because of its eye-catching packaging. That's the power of The Customize retail boxes. In a crowded retail environment, where countless products vie for attention, it is essential to make a strong visual impact.

Custom retail boxes give you the opportunity to showcase your products in a way that is unique and appealing. As they serve as a visual representation of your brand, conveying your message, values and quality to potential customers. Moreover, with the right design, color scheme, and branding elements, retail boxes can make your products stand out.


Attractive Features Of Our Custom Retail Boxes

What makes our custom retail boxes so attractive? Our retail boxes packaging is designed to captivate your target audience. With their unique shapes, stylish designs, and innovative features, they stand out on the shelves and leave a lasting impression. Some of the important features are enlisted below:


High-Quality Packaging Material

We believe in delivering excellence, which is why we use premium packaging materials for our custom retail boxes. With our top-notch packaging material, we ensure that your products are protected during transit while maintaining a professional and polished look. The most popularly used custom packaging boxes materials for making durable retail boxes are:

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Eco-friendly Kraft paperboard
  • Rigid boxes

All these materials have high tensile strength and guarantee the protection of retail products. Plus, they also reduce packaging waste on the earth. It is because they are also known for their sustainability. This way, we bring more smiles and less trash for the environment. 


Eye-Catching And Long Lasting Prints

We are renowned in the packaging market due to our everlasting custom printed retail boxes. Our state-of-the-art printing technologies ensure that the prints on our retail boxes are vibrant, crisp, and long-lasting.

Whether it's your brand logo or promotional messages, we use high-quality inks and techniques to bring your designs to life. Moreover, you can imprint your brand details such as name, contact information, and taglines to spread the brand message.

Our expert printing staff uses modern printing technologies such as 

  • Flexography
  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • Onscreen Printing


Beautiful Graphics And Designs

We understand the importance of aesthetics in packaging therefore we offer stunning graphics and designs for your retail boxes packaging. Our talented designers can create eye-catching layouts, and incorporate images for custom retail boxes. That showcases your products effectively.

Moreover, they add visual elements that align with your brand's identity. Businesses can also choose from pre-made designs to impress customers. You get free design assistance from our experts about ongoing market trends.


Attention-Grabbing Color Schemes

Colors have a powerful impact on consumer perception, and we know how to leverage that. Our custom retail boxes feature attention-grabbing color schemes that resonate with your target audience. Moreover, vibrant color schemes make your products visible on the shelves. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or elegant tones, we can create the perfect color palette for your brand. So, using colorful packaging you can change the perception of targeted customers. 


Economical Retail Boxes Wholesale 

Save on packaging costs with our retail boxes wholesale and bulk ordering options. By ordering bulk custom retail boxes, you can benefit from discounted rates and economies of scale. Our retail boxes wholesale options allow you to efficiently manage your packaging expenses while maintaining consistent quality and customization.

Our wholesale deals are surprisingly cost-effective. Moreover, it saves you time and marks your business to the next level. Wholesale packaging option also helps to streamline your retail business. So keep in touch with us to avail our wholesale and discount offers.


Custom-Printed Retail Boxes Boost Your Brand Name

Are you ready to make a deep impact on your customers minds? Custom-printed retail boxes are the key to boosting your brand's name and visibility. With our advanced printing techniques, we can imprint your branding elements on the retail boxes. This will ensure that your brand is front and center in the minds of consumers.

From bold and eye-catching designs to elegant and sophisticated layouts, we print all for you. Our printing capabilities allow you to create amazing custom retail boxes that reflects your brand's identity and values.

By incorporating your branding elements on the retail boxes packaging, you get the following benefit for your business

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create a cohesive brand experience
  • Leave a memorable impression on your customers
  • Built strong brand loyalty among customers


Glowing Coatings for Custom Retail Packaging Boxes

Lots of retail brands look for ways to leave their competitors behind. So, they can use glowing coatings to make custom retail packaging boxes shiny. Your buyer’s will feel excited to have their favorite items in such splendid packaging.

Shortly, we use matte coating, gloss coating, laminations, and spot UV. These finishing choices produce unbeatable results. Besides these, The Customize Boxes also offer silver and gold foiling. That assists in giving a luxury look to your custom retail boxes.

You can also discuss your requirements with our packaging experts. They will create impressive packaging for you. 


Endless Styles & Sizes of Custom Boxes for Retail Packaging

It is crucial for businesses to choose the right size and shape of custom retail boxes. It is because, right size ensures the safety of your delicate products.

The Customize Boxes has its solutions now. We offer an endless range of custom sizes. With the perfect size, you can also find amazing styles of custom boxes for retail packaging.

You can opt from the following. 

  • Panel Hanger Tuck End
  • Corner Box
  • Corner Display Box
  • Window Box
  • Die Cut Box

Above are the unique styles of packaging boxes. Furthermore, you can visit our website to explore more splendid packaging styles. 


Embellishments That WOW Your Customers 

All businesses should use all touching points to make custom retail boxes gorgeous that wow your customers. Thus, The Customize Boxes use different embellishments such as bows, ribbons, stickers, and glitters.

You can opt from them to create excellent packaging. That also helps to put your retail brand on the frontline of the competitors. Plus, when you use decorative accessories, your packaging boxes will become the symbol of elegance.


We Pay Full Attention to Details

Businesses partner with us because we pay complete attention to details. Shortly, our professionals never leave a single flaw in custom retail boxes. We use the latest strategies to make packaging that stands out from the crowd.

So, you just need to share your packaging details with us. We will offer you free consultancy regarding customization. In other words, we know how to give unforgettable experiences to the customers. 


Get Excellence In Packaging With The Customize Boxes

Why settle for ordinary when you can have excellent custom retail boxes? At The Customize Boxes, we take pride in being your trusted packaging partner. With our extensive industry experience and commitment to quality, we deliver custom retail packaging boxes that exceed your expectations.

Shortly, our company does everything with 100% perfection. We are also capable of meeting crazy deadlines. You add multiple benefits to your business with our magnificent packaging. We provide you following services at your doorstep:


  • Free Shipping Service

We offer you free shipping services all across the United States. This is what distinguishes us from other packaging companies.


  • Free designing assistance 

You can also get free design assistance at our packaging company. Our designers will help you to select the perfect designs for custom retail boxes


  • Customer Care Agent Services

Another best thing is that The Customize Boxes offer exceptional customer care services. So, businesses can contact anytime to ask queries. 


  • Free 3D or physical sampling

We understand that businesses want to check how their packaging boxes will look before final production. So, you can request for 3D samples. 


  • No extra die charges

At The Customize Boxes, you don’t need to pay for plates and die charges. So, when you work with us, you save a lot. 


  • Instant Quote

Last but not least, we offer you an instant price estimator quote. Also, we don’t charge a penny for it. 
By offering these amazing services, we ensure clients are getting smooth packaging experience. 


Contact Us!

Contact us at [email protected] to order your custom retail boxes or to get any information regarding customization options. We are always here to solve your queries. Feel free to call us, we will answer your queries very nicely. 


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