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One common problem that comes with selling fresh food items is the customer’s complaint about the food going stale and tasteless. But it’s about time to put an end to such feedback. Long term food storage in mylar bags is a permanent and durable solution that will ensure your customer’s satisfaction. 

Mylar bags are an ideal solution for you to keep your food fresh for an extended period. They are highly economical and safeguard the nutritional value of your products for a long time.
This blog is going to help you with every detail that you need to learn about mylar bags and the reason why keeping food in them is a great idea – read on to find more info!


What are Mylar Food Storage Bags? 

Mylar bags are made from polyester resin, and the film is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Several layers of plastic in this material offer it high tensile strength. Mylar is commonly known as a food-safe material. 

These bags were first commercially available in the 1950s under the name "biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate." Additionally, it was utilized at that time for solar filters, insulation, and blueprints. 


How Long Can Food Stay Secure in Mylar Bags?

You might be surprised to know, but an error-free mylar package can store food for up to years. To ensure that mylar bags serve their purpose, they need to be stored in a secure place, as harsh surroundings can damage mylar bags easily.

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Application of Mylar Food Storage Bags

Food items are kept fresh in mylar bags because of their material composition. Mylar bags are made of polyester film, which provides them with excellent strength and support. Because of its strength, the mylar bag becomes impervious to tears and punctures. 

This puncture-resistant quality makes your packaging prone to rough handling. Moreover, aluminum is one of the layers on the food storage bags. This layer serves the purpose of the fence by keeping factors like oxygen, humidity, and light away from entering the packaging. 

Additionally, the aluminum layer prevents food from oxidizing and becoming stale. Along with the polyester film, this layer also keeps the light from entering the mylar bags. In this way, the food's contents are kept safe and in a dark environment away from light.


4 Benefits of Storing Food in Custom Mylar Bags 


Benefits of Storing Food in Mylar Bag


There are not one but several benefits that long term food storage in mylar bags offer. Let’s look into some advantages that these mylar bags offer: 


1. Extended Shelf Life

Mylar bags offer a long shelf life for your products, so if your food items are not sold for a long time, mylar bags will still keep them fresh and retain their taste. When oxygen enters a product package, it starts destroying the freshness of the food. 

Different kinds of plastic packaging allow air to pass through them. However, the mylar packaging has zero oxygen transmission.  

Mylar bags work as oxygen absorbers, but to add an extended shelf life to your packaging, you can also include additional oxygen absorbers inside the package. This way, your product stays fresh for a long time. 


2. Adaptable Storage Options 

Versatility for food storage is one of the greatest perks that mylar bags offer. According to your product preferences, you can customize mylar packaging into various styles and sizes. You can choose the density as well as the size of your mylar bags wholesale according to your product. 

Mylar can be used to store a variety of goods, including dried goods and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. You can also store mylar bags in various locations, such as cellars, basements, and kitchen closets. 

Some famous styles for food storage in mylar bags are mentioned below, 

You can utilize various customization features for added security. 


3. Better Marketing For Food Products 

Mylar packaging is a great way to market your food brand. You can customize your mylar packaging by adding your label and logo to the bag. You can put all the necessary details about your product on the packaging. 

Mylar is a material that offers food-safe packaging. Various famous food brands are selling their products in mylar bags. Mylar bag packaging has become a staple for their brand. The customers recognize these brands through the staple mylar packaging. 


4. Highly Cost-Effective Packaging Solution 

You might be wondering about the cost of the mylar bags. The good news is that although it offers countless benefits for your products, it is still available at reasonable prices. When you compare mylar bags to other food packaging materials, you will find that they are incredibly cost-effective.


Long term food storage in mylar bags is an excellent idea if you are looking for a durable packaging solution. The high resistance quality of mylar material plays an important role in keeping your products safe from moisture, light, and oxygen. Order these bags today and experience their extraordinary benefits for food storage and marketing!

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