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Mylar Bags Safe for Food Storage

Most food brands look for packaging bags that can help to store eatables. Mylar bags are the best option when it comes to storing food for a long time. They are foil pouches and can preserve the nutrients of food items.

Thus, food storage in mylar bags is the safest method. Also, they are puncture-resistant and also do not change the color and taste of items.  

According to a food safety magazine, “ Mylar bags are an effective barrier against oxygen and moisture, making them the right choice for business”.

These bags are what you need for your products. Most importantly, people are confused about what these bags are. So, to learn about these bags, come and move forward with us. 

We will discuss what mylar bags are and are mylar bags safe for food storage? So, keep on reading. 


What are Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags are designed for preserving the food. They have layers of plastic outside and inside and middle layers of aluminum. These layers ensure the safety of food products.

Shortly, oxygen and moisture protection with mylar bags is the easiest way.  Plus, they don’t leach chemicals into the food.  These bags are cost-effective as well as sturdy. These bags also keep your food supplies fresh for years.

Also, they are cheaper than other packing bags. Don’t stop here. I am going to share the difference between mylar bags and vacuum sealers.. 


Difference Between Mylar Bags and Vacuum Sealers

As a food brand owner, you must be aware of what differentiates mylar bags from others. This information can help you to achieve your goals. 

Vacuum sealer bags are clear. If you want to store items for many years then a vacuum sealer is not the right option. It is because they allow air to seep which can spoil food after some time.

They can be used to pack coffee beans, mushrooms, and meat. And works best in the freezers. Mylar bags are thicker than vacuum sealers and help to block the light. They are clear and help to maintain the quality of products. 

Let’s deep dive into the pool of facts about mylar bags. 


Facts about Mylar Bags You Must Know


Facts about Mylar Bags


Mylar bags are better than traditional packaging bags. But there are some facts about these bags that you must be aware of. That can help to make your brand successful.  Some of them are the following;



The best feature of bags is that they are reusable. It is because these bags remain in perfect condition after one use. So, people can use these so many times. Simply, these bags don’t lose their integrity after many uses. 


Easily Sealable

The easily sealable mylar bags help customers to use the desired amount of products. They are highly effective and work best for your food products. It is because they act as a barrier against air and moisture. 



The incredible feature of these bags is that they are versatile. Shortly, you can pack various products in these boxes except wet food products. It is because wet and high-fat food can stale with time. 


Smell Proof & Durable

One of the amazing facts about mylar bags is that they are smell-proof. Also, they are extremely thin while being sturdy. Shortly, mylar bag durability and safety urge businesses to choose these bags.

These bags can not be easily torn. So, you can ship it without any fear. Shortly, the safety of food is related to the quality of mylar bags. 


Offer Oxygen Protection

Food grade mylar bags are the best strategy to save food items from oxygen. Shortly, they create a non-oxygen atmosphere within bags. Simply, they are ideal oxygen absorbers. That helps to reduce the chance of spoiling food. So, food storage with mylar bags keeps you away from many worries. 


Multiples Sizes

Businesses can get mylar bags in multiple sizes and styles. So, you just need to measure the product quantity you want to pack.  By doing so, you can give space to seal the bag properly. You can consider them an ideal solution for cannabis. 


Visual Impact

The visual impact of mylar bags helps to attract more customers. Simply,  well-designed bags can easily capture the interest of buyer’s. Also, it is capable of building a strong connection with the audience. 

All the above features show how much they are beneficial for your brand. Some businesses also think about the need for food-grade buckets with mylar bags.  You can also go for the option of food grade buckets


Which Foods Can Stay Fresh in Custom Mylar Bags?

Low-fat and low-moisture foods are perfect for packing in custom mylar bags. They are highly flexible and help to present products in the best possible ways. 

Check out the below list of food products. 

  • Beans    
  • Sugar
  • Peas      
  • Baking Powder
  • Wheat    
  • Potato  
  • Rice Flakes      
  • Baking Soda
  • Oats      
  • Salt

All these items will be intact in these bags. That impels customers to come back for more delicious items. 


Customized Variations in Mylar Bags


Mylar Bag Variation


Before customizing your bags, you need to understand the nature of your food. This way, you can customize mylar bags that fulfill your needs. Also, it helps the audience to remember your retail brand for a long duration.

Customization also allows you to add logos and other necessary information. For example, ingredients, how to use them, and other messages to maintain brand reputation.  Additionally, you can use the following ways to add life to mylar bags. 


Add Colors

Color prints can do magic for your business. It is because, for a modern audience, colorful packaging also matters. So, select colors to make people excited about your product. In addition, color combination options are also available for you. 


Use Layouts & Pattern

After selecting colors, you need to choose amazing layouts and patterns. But go for themes or patterns that correspond with your brand. This way you can easily make your brand everyone’s favorite. 

While customizing don’t forget to add labels to make brands authentic. You can also add expiration dates on mylar bags to gain the trust of customers. 



In this blog post, we have covered the answer of are mylar bags safe for food storage. Due to their excellent properties, they are the right option for your business. Shortly, you can rely on these bags to make your brand superior over others.

As a result, you will get high sales. In fact, many companies can use them to store items for an incredibly long time. 

If you want to know more about mylar bags and food preservation techniques then contact The Customize Boxes.

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