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storytelling elements in candle box design

Candles are not just wax and wick. They are vessels of emotions, experiences, and memories. And you know what their first impression can do? Literally, it can make or break your whole branding game. Often, the first impression starts with the humble packaging box design. But beyond merely housing the flame, carefully crafted storytelling elements can enhance your candle box design to a new height. 

Storytelling elements in the packaging industry are a popular trend. Almost every product-based brand uses these elements to build an emotional connection with their consumers. But what about the candle industry? Storytelling elements in candle box design are ruling the market.

Let’s discover how telling stories through your candle packaging can make a difference!


Captivate With Origin Stories

Do you know what consumers prefer nowadays? Natural ingredients that are used in candle product manufacturing. Is your lavender grown in sun-drenched fields? Showcase that exotic landscape! Does your soy wax come from ethical, sustainable farms? Share that journey through words and visuals. It's always better to connect with Earth to emotionally target consumers. 

Engage and inform your customers with descriptive language and imagery that evokes the source of your ingredients. You can use images of localities to attract customers. In short, customers buy a product when they relate to a brand. So putting this storytelling element in the candle box design can captivate buyers’ attention. 


Craft Unique Personalities

Uniqueness is the demand of this era. Every single thing that is uniquely potent itself gains buyers' attention and the same goes for candle boxes. Give your candles voices by developing distinct brand personas. 
Are you playful and whimsical? Use bright colors and bold/stylish fonts. Does your brand offer calm values and classic aesthetics? Opt for muted tones and natural textures. Let the box design reflect the essence of your brand and the emotions your candles evoke.


Unbox the Adventure

Turn the unboxing experience into a mini-story. Include hidden messages, quotes, or even small tokens related to your brand story. This element of surprise fuels curiosity and builds a deeper connection with your customers. 

Some brands even give customers small samples of new arrivals and limited editions to offer a better unboxing experience. And of course, anyone who gets more than expected feels happy and even posts their experience on social media. Let’s get a little bit deeper on this step:


1. Sharing Word of Mouth

A happy customer can become your brand ambassador. How? If you satisfy or exceed their expectations with your personalized candle box design, they will share their experience with their neighbors, friends, and family members. Ultimately becoming your brand speaker for almost free.


2. Expressing Happiness Via Social Handles

Sometimes consumers record their unboxing experience and share them on social media. That can potentially tag you if you have a social media handle, growing your online presence while building your brand image. It’s incredible how small storytelling elements in candle box design or a little extra can do great work for you.

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Convey Your Brand Story

Many retail brands that include printed thank-you notes with fun and quirky messages, thanking customers for supporting their unique products. Using the same methodology, you can put a thank you note in your personalized candle boxes to build an emotional connection with your customers. 

Just small gratitude can show your customer that you value their order and will increase the chances of repeat purchases. 

Remember: Don’t go for a generic thank-you note. People have seen it multiple times. You can put your brand theme, and personalize it for a better reach and better outcomes. In addition to that if you don’t have a unique idea for your brand, let a packaging company handle it. 

You can trust The Customize Boxes as your packaging provider. We will give you some trendy printed candle box ideas and also care about your unique brand needs. 


Connect Through Emotions

Candles set moods and stir feelings. Leverage that power by using imagery and text that resonates with your target audience. Does your “Tranquility Tea” candle promise relaxation? Design a box that fosters a serene spa experience. 
It will not only attract the audience on the first go but also set an image in their mind. So when they flame up your candle they will feel calm. Well! That was just an example you can use the same imagery idea for almost all your different candle packaging respective to their essence. 


Narrate Your Brand Journey

Has your brand had a long journey? Have you been making and delivering candles for years? Then, you must tell your customers about your journey! Use your candle boxes to tell your customers your brand’s origin. 

Let them know when you feel the need for a new brand and how you specialize in changing the mood with your scented candles. But keep in mind to not overdo it. People in the current era have shorter attention spans. 

In addition to that, no one is going to read a whole story in a supermarket. So keep it short, but descriptive. 

Pro tip: start with a word that attracts your customers, something that creates curiosity. That way people will likely give your product more time than usual. 


Final Thoughts

Storytelling elements in candle box design don’t have any hard and fast rules. If something fits with your brand, just do it. Start with a clear buyer persona. Knowing your audience will help you understand their expectations and how you can exceed them. Even if you don’t exceed, being up to the mark is enough. 

Work with a packaging provider that can offer quality packaging while satisfying your branding requirements. Give a chance to The Customize Boxes as we offer customized solutions according to brand needs. You can give us a call at (972)-590-8867 and we will handle the rest of the hassles for you. 

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