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Types of Boxes for Candle

From large retail stores to small businesses, all need an exclusive way to display candles.

You can consider boxes for candle packaging a perfect solution. They can be customized according to your candle's personality. It elevates the presentation of your candles. That creates a lasting impression on the audience’s mind.  Also, they can easily carry your products during transportation. You can also sell candles effectively. It is because they make your products hard to ignore. This type of packaging offers the opportunity to gain success in the competitive market. Also, they come in all sizes and styles. 

If you keep reading this blog, you will know what candle boxes are and their amazing types. 


What are Custom Candle Boxes?

Custom candle boxes are made from sturdy materials such as cardboard. They protect your candles from being damaged during shipping. They can be used to carry a variety of candles. Also, they are attractive as well as innovative.

These boxes have gloss and matte finishes. That helps to give a luxurious feeling to the audience.  

There is a range of boxes for candle packaging that impress customers. So, come and explore with us. 


1. Candle Jar Boxes

The candles that come in a jar of glass and ceramic need special protection. Candle jar boxes are perfect in this regard. In these boxes, your candles will not break during shipping. Also, it creates an unforgettable packaging experience. Shortly, your business can boom with this packaging style. So, they are the best packaging for your candles. 


2. Two Piece Candle Boxes

Two-piece candle boxes are famous for their convenience. They have separate bottoms and tops. These types of boxes are mostly used for high-end candles. You can also personalize it using different images to influence customers. 


3. Candle Boxes with Window

Candle boxes with window allow customers to view the candle directly. Shortly, it saves shopkeepers from the hassle of opening and closing. They are right for exhibiting the color and scent of candles. Also, they provide enough protection to your delicate candles. They are perfect for creating a modern and classic look. 


4. Round Candle Boxes

The round candle boxes present your products in an alluring way. They are famous for their round shapes. Businesses can have desired designs to amaze customers. Also, it helps to set your brand apart from the crowd. 


5. Candle Boxes with Lids

Businesses consider candle boxes with lids a useful option. The lid can easily open these boxes.  Also, they provide extra protection to your candles. You are also allowed to personalize these boxes to reflect the essence of your candle brand. 

Pick the suitable styles for your boxes to suit your needs. Besides these, you have various options such as candle display boxes and luxury candle boxes. That helps your brand to get noticed among competitors. 

We have also done a little research on the design of packaging. So, move forward with us. 


Tips to Design Your Candle Packaging


Tips to Design Candle boxes


People love to give candles to their loved ones. It is because they consider it a kind gesture. Thus, you need to design your boxes for candle packaging to inspire the audience.  

In the packaging industry, you can say that “All glitter is gold”. Using modern technology you can produce better packaging for candles. Shortly, you need to work tirelessly to make your packaging outstanding. But we are also going to share some tips for designing.

Let’s take a look at tips for designing your boxes for candle packaging. 


Understand Your Brand Personality

Before designing your packaging for candles, understand your brand personality. Shortly, you need to determine core values to uplift your brand. So, add relevant information that can communicate your business identity. This is also a great way to brand your products. Also, you can share more information using boxes for candle packaging


Fonts & Typography

You need to use typography and fonts that convey sophistication. Also, you need to make sure that fonts can be read easily. It helps to draw attention to significant words. Intelligent typography on boxes for candle packaging makes your candles the center of attention. 


Add Visuals

You can think about adding visuals to boxes for candle packaging. Just make sure that visuals are aligned with the spirit of candles. The photographs of your candles can also appeal to the targeted audience. Your customers will find it more visually appealing. That also helps to portray the positive image of your brand. 


Placement of Logo

The placement of the logo is necessary to give a professional look to your candles. Shortly, the correct placement of logos can turn your simple products into a brand. You should make sure that it is clearly seen by the audience. 


Use Quality Material 

Your main concern should be the protection of candles. Thus, go for cardboard and corrugated material to manufacture boxes for candle packaging. These materials help to extend the shelf life. of candles. Also, it never allows moisture and dust to enter the boxes. So, the audience will examine the quality of candles through packaging. 


Consider  Sustainability Factor

Sustainability is a factor that is gaining popularity in the modern market. It is because investing in sustainable boxes can reduce the impact on the environment.  So, go for environment-friendly boxes for candle packaging to highlight your dedication to saving Earth. 

In the end, we can say that from minimalist designs to sustainable, possibilities are endless. If you follow all these tips, your candle packaging will look sophisticated. 



Above-discussed reasons show why the audience loves to invest in candle packaging. Shortly, Boxes for candle packaging are a must-have for your business.  People will love to invest in your candles.

Many leading candle brands use these boxes to get maximum buyers. So, there are many online packaging suppliers. From where you can get custom candle packaging boxes wholesale. Wait wait! I want to give you a suggestion for your business. Never mess up with the packaging of products. You will surely succeed in the market. So, let your candle brand shine with exclusive packaging!

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