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Are Paper Bags Better

The change in the trends urge brands to go for eco-friendly packaging solutions. Paper bags are better in this regard. Every grocery store and shopping mall also uses these bags for their customers.

Along with sustainability, they are convenient means to carry purchases. These bags come with several benefits.  For example, they reduce the hassle of buyers. Also, it makes buyer’s feel valued.

These bags also give the impression of exclusivity to customers. But some businesses are really wondering, are paper bags really better than plastic?

To clarify, are paper bags really better than plastic, we have collected complete information. But firstly we will start from what plastic and paper bags are.  


What are Paper Bags?

Paper bags are made of kraft material. Due to this material, it can break easily. Many businesses use them also as shopping carrier bags.

The posh and unique look of bags give unforgettable experience. These bags don’t decay after hundreds of years. Thus, many multinational corporations use paper bags.

For example, Louis Vuittion, Prada, and Burger king play their part in promoting the use of bags. 


What are Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are also known as poly bags. They are made from nonwoven fabric. That doesn’t decompose easily. These bags are used for transporting products such as powders, magazines, and other things.

They are a common form of packaging and also very simple to keep. Also, they are badly wrinkled than other bags. 

Now let's deep dive to know which leaves a bad impact on the environment: paper bags or plastic bags. 


The Impact of Paper Bags and Plastic Bags on Environment


Environment impact of Paper Bags


Plastic bags are difficult to recycle. They take 300 years to decompose. Moreover, this bag can easily contaminate the soil. That causes harm to marine animals. Shortly, they are quite harmful in the long term. 

Paper bags cause less environmental affect to the environment. It is because you don’t need extra energy to destroy these bags. So, you can consider it a good option for a green environment. 

The research into paper bags shows some interesting results.

According to a study published in the journal of Environmental Economics and Management

“In terms of environmental impact paper bags have a lower carbon footprint than plastic, especially when considering factors such as recyclability and waste management”. 


Pros and Cons of Plastic Bags

Now, we will shed some light on the pros and cons of plastic bags.



  • The weight endurance ratio and thickness of plastic bags is much more than paper bags. Thus, you can consider it a more durable option than others. 
  • Most important property of plastic bags is water-resistance. This characteristic helps to protect your product from humidity and moisture. 
  • Plastic bags take up less space and add ease to your life. 
  • Last but not least, they are recyclable and put less pressure on the Earth. 


  • Everyone knows that plastic bags are quite affordable and produce waste. That can be more harmful for the environment. 
  • They also take centuries to decompose. Thus, they are not  biodegradable. So, they can create a mess in the environment. 
  • The untreated plastic bags in the sea and ocean, plastic bags also create danger for marine life. 

Now I am going to discuss the disadvantages and advantages of paper bags. So, after reading you can decide what are the benefits of paper bags over plastic bags. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Paper Bags

The advantages of choosing paper bags are listed below;



  • Paper bags can hold more weight. Simply, they don’t tear during rough handling. 
  • The most important feature of these bags is that they don't take centuries to decompose. 
  • They are also very easy to use and easy to recycle. As a result, less trees will be used to produce paper bags. 


  • Firstly, they are of high density. Shortly, they can take up more space than plastic bags. 
  • Secondly, Paper bags are more expensive than plastic bags. It is because they take more resources during manufacturing. 
  • Thirdly, Kraft paper bags are not waterproof. So, the contact with the water with any other liquid can affect the originality of paper bags. 

Let’s move forward to explore amazing types of paper bags. 


Incredible Types of Paper Bags


Type of Paper Bags


The interesting information is that custom paper bags come in unique types. Each type performs a specific task. It also helps to build a buyer’s satisfaction. 

Some popular and incredible types of paper bags are following;


Scotchban Bags

Scotchban bags are greaseproof and prevent food from leaking out. This bag can help to keep your clothes and surrounding areas clean. 

Flat Bags

Flat bags can carry things like fruits and things. Businesses can use these bags for multipurpose. 

SOS Bags

Sos bags are commonly used for takeaways and resistant to liquids. They have no handles but are versatile. You can also use it for shopping and gifting. 

Bakery Bags

The wax line and glassline of bakery bags preserve the freshness of coffee, cookies, and other things. These bags also reflect a sense of professionalism. 

Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are sophisticated and charming. They can be used for brand marketing. 

All the types are excellent. Shortly, they truly outshine in the market. Also, they help to enhance the success of your business. So, opt from them to gather more potential customers. 


Paper Bags Vs Plastic Bags: Which One to Use?

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. The above discussion on are paper bags really better than plastic bags also tells which one is better to use.

The wisdom of using paper bags can make a huge difference in the market. So, start using paper bags over plastic. They have a minimal impact on the environment plastic bags.

Shortly, they are the healthy alternative of plastic bags. Also, it helps to enhance the profit of your business. It is because more people have stopped buying from brands that use plastic bags. Also, it offers you more branding facilities.  

To get quality bags, you can take help from The Customize Boxes. You will always get a quick response. To know more exciting facts and knowledge, wait for our next blog! Bye Bye. 


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