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Mailer Box Design


Introduction to Mailer Box Design Ideas

Custom mailer boxes are one of the most reliable packaging solutions. They come in all custom shapes and sizes, which makes them versatile and adaptable packaging solutions.

However, among other issues, the one problem that many brands face is the lack of mailer box design ideas. They want to adapt ideas to make their packaging stand out in the market. Eventually, this makes their product prominent and visible to a maximum number of clients.

Here, we are going to discuss the best ideas to design these boxes. So, let us begin exploring!


1. Importance of Creative Mailer Box Designs

Before we jump into the exploration of mailer box design ideas, let us first discuss how important they are. The design of the box is a crucial thing.

It helps make a strong and positive first impression. Moreover, it increases the sales of your brand as it helps draw the attention of customers.

The design of the box also improves the overall customer experience of your brand. These are a few points that highlight the importance of a creative design for these boxes.

"According to Packaging Digest, innovative mailer box designs can significantly enhance brand perception and customer experience."


2. Elements of an Eye-catching Mailer Box


Attractive mailer box


There are certain elements that turn creative mailer box designs into effective reality. These elements are categorized into three major parts: design, visual appeal, and functionality. We are going to briefly discuss these categories to get a better understanding. 

2.1 Design: Branding, color psychology, and target audience come under the category of design. The logo of your brand, its colors, and fonts are the basic elements of design. Similarly, you can go for strategic use of colors to evoke brand associations and desired emotions.

2.2 Visual Appeal: Bold images and graphics, interactive elements, and unique shapes and sizes are the elements that fall under visual appeal. Bold images and graphics catch the attention of the customers. Interactive elements help keep them engaged with your brand. Unique shapes and sizes make your product prominent in the store and make it easier to locate. 

2.3 Functionality: Sturdy material, appropriate size, user-friendly design, and sustainability are among the elements that come under functionality. Sturdy materials provide strength and endurance to the packaging. The appropriate size of the box makes it a perfect fit for the product. Moreover, the user-friendly opening mechanisms make the usage of the box easier. Lastly, the eco-friendliness of the box makes it safer for the product as well as the environment. 


3. Adding Brand Identity in Mailer Box Designs

Putting your brand's logo on the box is not branding. It goes beyond that. Creating a brand identity with eye-catching mailer box ideas is an interesting and effective move. 

Packaging Expert John Thompson says, "A well-designed mailer box can serve as a powerful marketing tool, leaving a lasting impression on customers."

You can do this for your brand by considering the packaging an extension of your brand. Use the box to communicate the values of your brand and create a connection with customers through packaging. Let us see how it works!

3.1 Visual Consistency: The first thing that you need to do is start incorporating branding elements into your packaging. Try including your brand logo, fonts, and colors on the box in a prominent way. This helps customers recognize your brand instantly, even if they see the product for the first time. 

Moreover, you can also incorporate different design ideas, such as using an inside printing option. Also, you can just print your brand's name and nothing else on the displaying side of the box. 

3.2 Storytelling: Storytelling through boxes is a rather contemporary idea. Many brands are using it to connect with customers. You can tell your brand story through short texts, slogans, images, or custom inserts. 


4. Inspiring Examples of Unique Mailer Box Designs


Inspiring mailer box


The following are some of the most inspiring examples of unique mailer box designs. There are many different ideas that can be unique mailer box design inspirations. The following are some of these ideas. 

4.1 Inside Printing: Mailer boxes are often plain and brown, which is their natural color. However, you can make them interesting by putting in a little effort. Let the box be plain and brown from the outside, and get it printed from the inside.

The inside printing can be done in different ways. For instance, you may consider using one color, multiple colors, or going for a pattern. This improves the user experience, also known as the unboxing experience, and leaves a positive impression. 

4.2 Minimalist Monochrome: If you are not a fan of bright colors and sharp contrasts, you can go with minimalist monochrome colors. You can print just your brand logo and brand name in black or white on the box. However, if you want to try this, you must keep the font to a noticeable size. This gives a sophisticated look to the box, and it increases the overall value of the product inside. 

4.3 Playful Typography: Different fonts and text sizes can create a playful and eye-catching impact. You may also consider incorporating inspiring quotes and product descriptions on the box using typography.

4.4 Using Custom Stamp or Sticker as Design: Get creative stickers and stamps as custom mailer box designs. You can get the stamp or sticker in many different designs. For instance, you do not need to get them with your brand logo or colors only.

You can select various eye-catching images, inspiring quotes, and other design elements. The best thing about using a stamp or sticker is that you can use it on any box. Even if the box has some printing on it, you can still put a stamp or sticker on it. This increases the authenticity of the product and increases customer trust.


5. Choosing the Right Materials for Custom Mailer Boxes

Choosing the right materials for your custom mailer boxes is vital. All your efforts to find the best mailer box design ideas and incorporate them can go in vain if you do not choose the right materials. Hence, you must pick the best and most suitable materials for the packaging. 

The following are some materials, along with their characteristics, that are commonly used for these boxes.

Kraft paper: Kraft is a natural and eco-friendly material. It is popular for its rustic and brownish look. Kraft is good for minimalist branding. However, you must know that it has limited printing options.

Cardstock: This material is lighter and smoother than kraft. It is good for printing, and it supports intricate designs. Cardstock is ideal for light and medium-weight items. However, you must not confuse cardstock with cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard: This is a sturdy, highly protective, and versatile material. It comes in various thicknesses. The color of corrugated cardboard is also customizable. This material is good for printing. However, it can be more expensive than other materials.


Final Words

We have discussed various unique and amazing mailer box design ideas in length, along with relevant information. We understand that you might be overwhelmed by so much information. However, you must know that if you want custom mailer boxes at the most affordable prices in the USA, you must check with The Customize Boxes. There are plenty of discount options, along with free design support and free shipping.


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