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What Is A Mailer Box

In the bustling world of e-commerce, packaging is crucial as are the products. No worries! Mailer box have become go-to solutions for business.

No matter if you are an established corporation or small business, it is perfect for all. But a question comes to my mind: what is a mailer box? So, I have collected some information to enhance your knowledge.

Shortly, I will say this packaging has unique characteristics that align with your brand etho’s. It is simply better packaging than others. They are also extremely beneficial to your business.  To know more, keep reading. 

In this blog's post, we will explore what is a mailer box? and some interesting facts. 


What are Custom mailer Boxes and their Primary Function?

Custom mailer boxes are specially designed for mailing products. They can also be used to mail things such as jewelry, DVD’s, clothing, books, and others. Plus, they also come with unique features such as self-sealing flaps and padded lining.

As you know the primary function of packaging is the safety of products. That same rule applies for the mailer packaging. Shortly, for obvious reasons mailer box has the preferable choice of businesses.

Furthermore, to enhance your knowledge we are going to share the difference between mailer and shipping packaging. Let’s deep dive into the world of mailer boxes. 


What is the difference between a mailer and shipping boxes?

Mailer boxes do not require any adhesive tape. Plus, they are designed for easy-to-carry products. They can also come with an extra padded layer to avoid any damage during transportation. They are best for displaying a brand's aesthetics.

One of the best things is that they don’t take up much space. 

While shipping boxes are secure and can hold bulky products. You can use them to deliver heavy packaging products. These packaging boxes can be reused until they are sturdy. So, businesses can use shipping boxes according to their specific needs. 


Benefits of Using Mailer Boxes


Mailer Box Benefits


What is the importance of mailer boxes? This question is something that people want to know every time. So, numerous advantages tell you the importance of these boxes. Shortly, investment in mailer boxes contributes to the success of the business. 

Here are the tons of benefits of using mailer boxes. 



Mailer boxes are known for their versatility. They are available in different sizes and shapes. That fits all of your products. Businesses can also have them in unique and different paper types. 


Lightweight & Durable

Mailer boxes are lightweight in nature. So, customers can easily carry these boxes. They are easy to ship and suitable for expensive products. Many authentic sources also prove it. 

In an interview with Box Genius, packaging specialists Michael Brown stated, mailer boxes offer exceptional protection for your products during transit, ensuring they arrive safely to your customers. 



Another great thing is that custom mailer boxes are cost-effective. They are made with the raw materials. The cost-effectiveness of packaging puts your products in demand. They also fit within your budget limits. 


Effective Marketing Tool

Are mailer boxes effective for advertising? This is the question that comes in the mind of business owners. They are so effective for advertising. It is because you can print logos and brand names on boxes easily. That helps customers to remember your brand for a long duration. 

Forbes magazine also emphasizes the role of custom printed mailer boxes in brand promotion stating that customized designs and logos on mailer boxes can create a lasting impression on customers and elevate your brand image. 



Sustainability is something that makes mailer boxes popular. They can be recycled easily and reduce the waste on earth. Eco-friendly mailer box also shows your brand cares about the health of the environment.  More and more people will love to purchase from your green brand. 


Incredible Unboxing Experience

Mailer boxes feel like you are opening a gift. By adding your own artwork, fillers, and inserts you can give an incredible unboxing experience to the audience. Mailer box printing also plays a huge role in giving a positive experience. 


Types of Mailer Box


Mailer Box Types


All businesses need different packaging types to lure the audience. From a foldable mailer box to a padded mailer box all can fulfill your business needs. 

Let’s check out the amazing types of mailer box. 


Corrugated mailer box

Corrugated mailer box is sturdy and thick. It guarantees the protection of your fragile products. You can still use tape and padding to keep your products in their original condition. 


Cardboard mailer box

Cardboard mailer box is an excellent option for displaying fragile and small products. It is crush-resistant and aesthetically unique. No tape and glue are necessary to enhance the protection of products. 


Flat mailer box

Flat mailer box is the best option for shipping important documents. You can ship photos, magazines, legal documents, and other items. Businesses can also opt for different styles such as tab lock closure, self-sealing, and others. 


Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are the first choice of businesses. It is because they are lightweight packaging solutions. They are mostly used for shipping promotional products.

For example, DVDs, stationery, books, and other items. They also come in a variety of sizes and fit your product needs. 


Padded Mailers

Padded mailers are also one of the best types. They are moisture-resistant and extremely durable. Shortly, they can absorb shocks in order to secure your products during transportation. You can get them in white and brown colors. 


Tips for Choosing the Best Mailer Box


Choose Best Mailer Boxes


Choosing the appropriate mailer box is necessary for business. It is because packaging is something that creates a lasting impact on the customers. So, wrong decisions about packaging can give horrible experiences to the targeted customers.

Don’t miss the chance and learn with us how to pick the best mailer box. 


Focus on Sustainability

Shoppers are more conscious about the effect of packaging on the Earth. So, you need to put sustainability first. You can use recyclable material to manufacture mailer box. So, using sustainable packaging helps to keep your green environment.. 


Consider Visuals

As a brand owner, you need to be cautious about the visual impact of your box. The audience will decide whether to buy your products or not based on packaging. So, check if your box has great visuals or not. That can give an unforgettable experience to buyers. 


Correct Size

You need to decide the correct size of the box. The best size and shape of the box makes a deep impact on the buyer. Shortly, the right fit will minimize the risk of damage. So, measure the item’s height, depth, and width. 


Analyze the Cost

The cost is the main factor that you should conside while selecting the mailer box. Shortly, use packaging boxes that fit within your budget. With the price factor, also check the quality of the mailer box. 


Know the Strength 

The strength of the mailer box is also the main consideration. Shortly, you need to know how much your mailer box can bear the minimum weight. Also ensures the lid is secure and prevents the products from falling out. 


If you follow the above tips, you can get higher profit with the right packaging. 


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Final Thoughts!

We have put endless efforts into covering what is a mailer box. Mailer box is a component of your successful business. Whether you are in electronics or any other sector, this packaging can help you to achieve higher levels.

With the right packaging provider such as The Customize Boxes, you can get the perfect mailer box wholesale. So, why wait? Let your brand shine with us. 

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