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Designing Tips for display boxes

Displaying your products nicely can improve your sales. Not every type of display box can help you with this and let you get the expected results. You need to be careful while designing effective display boxes and make sure they are capable of performing well. 

It is right to say that switching to stylish display packaging can be a turning point for your product’s success. 

If you are unaware of the design of these boxes, read this guide till the end. We will share a few tips that will help you understand the benefits of printed display boxes for your business. 


Overview of Display Boxes 

It is a general term that is used to display different products in stores. Simply, a display box is a special kind of packaging that is used to keep the products on the shelves and get the attention of the visitors. 

For every business owner, it is the aim to get attention and sell more. So, it can play an important role in the success of any product because the visitors can like the product and buy it. Another major advantage of using the display boxes is an astonishing preview of the products.

Normally, these boxes are designed according to the dimensions of the products. For example, if you have smaller beauty products, you can get a small display box to keep them inside before placing them in the store. 

Similarly, you can choose the display boxes according to the shape of the product. That’s why it helps the business owner get more sales and keep the brand growing. In short, designing effective display boxes can help you grow your business smoothly with regular customers. 

Boost Your Business With Effective Uses of Display Boxes


Designing Display Boxes

We hope you now know the major advantages of display boxes after reading the benefits mentioned above. You might be curious to know how you can become proficient in designing effective display boxes.

To guide you, we are here with a few tips regarding the production and design of these boxes. 


1. Create A Sketch 

The very first step that you should take for the production of display boxes is planning the design. It is not good to randomly choose a design from the internet and modify it a bit. You should try to design something unique, distinct, and appealing.

For this, it is good to do proper research about your concerned market. After this, it is good to create a sketch before designing effective display boxes. It is better to draw a sketch of the design on the paper first and then go ahead with the next steps. 


2. Choose the Right Materials

Another important point to consider when looking for an effective display box is the material selection. You shouldn’t choose a material blindly but keep the product’s category in mind. It is because the product’s category decides the target audience for which you are choosing the box.

Some of the commonly used materials for the display boxes are cardboard, paperboard, rigid, and kraft. You need to choose the material from your buyer’s perspective. 


3. Pick Product-based Shape

Another thing that can impact designing effective display boxes is the shape of the box. Sometimes, you may have designed a perfect box with incompatible sizes and shapes. With this, it will not be possible to make your products worth seeing. 

So, you should choose the shape of the box after taking a preview of the product for which you are designing it. You can also try different shapes to check which one is working for you. But the thing that remains the same in all designs is the display of your products.

You should make sure that your product is getting an appealing look in the display box. Did you want to know? Read A Complete Guide: Where to Buy Display Boxes


4. Personalize Display Boxes

To make your display box printing appealing, you can also get assistance from personalization. It is good to personalize the box according to your brand requirements. The best way to add personalization is through your company’s logo, name, and a perfect tagline.

Don’t ignore the product’s details when it comes to printing your boxes. You should add a short description of the product in addition to the personalized content. 

As Maya Angelou said, “You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

It means that you should keep adding creativity in terms of personalization and design of your display boxes to get more attention. 


5. Pay Attention To Colors

Last but not least, another important factor to keep in mind is paying attention to colors. The best approach is to choose the colors that resemble your brand’s logo. It can make your display boxes more appealing.

If it doesn’t seem good, you can also choose other lively colors. You can choose the colors according to the product’s colors and the target audience. For example, if you are targeting teenage girls, it is good to choose light lively colors like pink, yellow, etc.

Additionally, it is good to choose the right printing technique to keep the colors perfect. The most suitable techniques that you can go with are digital printing, flexography printing, and a few others.



By reading this comprehensive blog about designing effective display boxes, we hope you are now aware of the most beneficial designing tips. With the help of these tips, you can easily design the boxes and make your products good to place on the shelves. 

However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of designing yourself, you can rely on our help. We offer premium designing services with durable packaging materials. Shoot us an email or call us today to find out how we can help you with your specific packaging needs.

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