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Your brand deserves the right amount of attention to stand out in crowded retail spaces. That is why innovative businesses invest in personalized packaging to capture consumer attention. 

Branded custom display boxes are one of the most effective tools. They are functional in improving brand perception and showcasing products to maximize appeal.

As Jeff Bezos said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room."

You can personalize display boxes with your brand's visual identity and messaging. In this blog, we'll explore 5 key benefits of display boxes – keep reading to find more info!


5 Benefits of Display Boxes

Choosing a packaging solution is quite a process that requires viewing every aspect of your brand and reviewing your competitors. But after understanding the benefits of display boxes, you can make a sound decision. 

Let's look at some advantages that make display boxes stylish and durable product holders.


Drive Impulse Sales

A robust custom display box catches the shopper's eye through the visual clutter of most store layouts. They help present your product and promote its benefits when purchasing. 

With the help of great graphics, catchy slogans, and promotional offers, you convert browsers into buyers on the spot. 

Research shows that displays can boost impulse sales. Branded displays trigger customers' purchase decisions. Raising your market share and profit margins.


Build Brand Awareness 

More than just being securely packed, they provide style. Your brand needs to pull in some curiosity. Custom retail displays boost brand awareness among new consumers by putting your product front and center. Display and reinforce your brand's visual touchpoints like logo, typography, colors, and graphics. 

As customers encounter your displays, your branding and message stick in their minds. Better exposure builds familiarity and preference for your product compared to generic options. 
Over time, personalized displays help nurture brand recognition and loyalty. Making your marketing spending across other channels even more effective.


Attract Attention in Crowded Retail Shelves

Custom displays help your product stand out on busy store shelves, giving you a competitive edge.

Real estate in populated paths at a retail market is valuable for your products. However, most brands compete for consumer attention on standard shelving with little uniqueness. 

Here, the bigger size and bolder presence of a display box around your product gives you a better chance of capturing the shopper's attention. 

The appealing graphics and messaging allow you to highlight promotions and new features. That generic shelves cannot accommodate.

Ensure your brand leverages display boxes and maximizes visibility in the retail clutter.


Feature and Promote New Products

Launching new products is challenging in any consumer market. Printed Display boxes are ideal for presenting new arrivals in ways that bring maximum curiosity and excitement.

The larger, bolder canvases allow you to tell the product's story more. You get an opportunity to explain its benefits, unique points, and value to shoppers. 

This will help launch and promote your products before the customers buy them. 


Reinforce Brand Positioning

If you have an established product, display boxes also play an essential role in sustaining market position. They reinforce your brand values within the consumers' minds. 

Some ways display boxes reinforce brand positioning include:

  • Showcase primary messaging and brand pillars not featured on standard packaging
  • Maintain visual and messaging consistency with other touchpoints
  • Repeat exposure over time to sustain mindshare and loyalty
  • Avoid mixed signals that may confuse the loyal customer base


5 Types of Display Boxes


display boxes types


Choosing the correct type of display box is vital to strengthening your product presentation.

There are wide varieties of boxes to meet any budget and goal. Some top types of display boxes include:


Paper Boxes

These customized cardboard containers work well for apparel, gifts, and personal care items. Details like window cutouts, magnets, and handle cutouts add high-end flair. Paper materials like cardstock, textured paper, and kraft paper elevate perceived value.


Wooden Boxes

Solid wood display boxes add unique beauty to luxury goods and precious items. Custom laser engraving personalized lids with logos and designs. Tiny hinged boxes make great jewelry packaging or gifts.


Acrylic Boxes

High-end cosmetics, electronics, crystal items, and collectibles shine in transparent acrylic packaging. Edge lighting and customized etchings on the plastic draw the eyes to the products inside.


Book Style Boxes

Hinged enclosures fold open like books to reveal items in customized compartments inside. Great for showing off merchandise in sections or displaying parts of a gift one layer at a time to build anticipation.


Hanging Display Boxes

These boxes hang from retail shelves, using vertical space and drawing attention to your products from a distance. Placing these boxes in any store will allow you to make more sales faster.


Wrap Up

Standing out as the only winner in a retail environment can be challenging. But not with a custom display box on your side. The benefits of a display box go beyond aesthetics, brand perception, and driving sales.

Customize the materials, finishes, lighting, and interactive elements to enable your brand's growth.

Where to look for display boxes? Luckily, The Customize Boxes has your back. Reach out today to design and craft affordable display packages.

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