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Selling hair extensions in simple packaging won’t enable you to achieve your sales goals. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need to ensure that you choose the best hair extension packaging that enhances your brand image and helps you persuade your customers.

As Steve Jobs put it already, ‘’Packaging can be theater, it creates a brandy story”. Carefully crafted packaging can tell a lot about your brand. 

If you are confused about choosing the right packaging for your hair extensions, you are at the right place. Reading this blog will enable you to make the right packaging decision – read on to find more!


1. Use Quality Material

Hair extensions are delicate and require safe packaging that can avoid getting damaged during shipping. This is why you should consider using cardboard material to produce durable hair extension packaging boxes. It offers better protection to your luxurious products. 

It saves your hair extensions from getting damaged. This way you can extend the shelf life of hair extensions. Thus, we advise you to not go for low-quality material as doing so can ruin the image of your brand. 

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2. Try Innovative Styles

The style of packaging plays a key role in bringing new customers. It is because people love to see their hair extensions in the best packaging. So, being creative with the shape and style can enhance the visual appeal. There are many styles that are quite effective for products. So, try following the best hair extension packaging styles to impress modern-day shoppers. 


Reverse Tuck End

Reverse tuck end boxes bottom come with a closing flap placed. You can easily open these boxes from the top or bottom. So, you can easily put your hair extensions in these packaging boxes. 


Straight Tuck End

Straight tuck end style is popular due to its unique features. It comes with 2 front and back. Simply, secure closure makes it perfect for hair extensions. 


Boxes with Lids

Boxes with lids are an effective way to keep hair extensions intact. They are ideal for storage and delivery. That is necessary to satisfy the buyers. You can go for this option to make functional and best hair extension packaging. 


Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes are without ends or closing tucks. They keep your hair extensions straight during transportation. Also, it creates an attractive presentation of your products.


Window Boxes Style

You can use window boxes to add appeal to your hair extensions. It also allows the audience to see products without opening the boxes. 


3. High-Tech Printing

The way you display your items matters a lot. Simply, printing is something that changes the overall look of your products. So, print themes to make the best hair extension packaging. You can get the desired results using modern printing technology.  The offset and digital printing techniques are right to print high-end images. It helps to enhance the visibility of your products. Also, it helps the audience to understand what you are selling. So, be good at selecting the right images for custom hair packaging boxes. 


4. Bright Color Schemes & Patterns

While customizing, never forget the strategic use of bright color schemes. It is because every color has a different impact on the buyer’s mind. Simply, if you do not focus on the colors, maybe people leave your product on choice. So, using brighter colors helps to make your product look confident and bold. Additionally, the simple and minimal color makes the best hair extension packaging. It helps to excite your old and new customers. 


5. Add the Brand Logo

Major changes happen when you add a logo on a custom hair product pack. It is because logos on the packaging make it easier for people to recognize your brand. If you just started a hair business then you should add a logo on the boxes. It helps to promote your brand. Shortly, you will make more revenue. Also, it saves you from the effort of running advertising campaigns. Along with the logo, you can add contact information. It helps the audience to give you reviews. 


6. Premium Finishes

Customers want to feel the product before opening the best hair extension packaging. So, use premium finishes to add elegance to the packaging. You can go for matte finishes to make your hair extension brand leading. You can see many famous hair extension brands use matter finishes. Lamination and spot UV options can also be used to protect custom hair extension packaging from dust and moisture. These options give a luxurious feel to your products. 

Besides these options, choose ribbons that go well with the characteristics of your hair products. Simply, embellished packaging makes the unboxing experience unforgettable. 

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Final Discussion!

We described the way to make the best hair extension packaging. When you add styles and colors to boxes, it quickly attracts customers. It also conveys a professional image of your brand. Simply, you need to put effort into making your hair extension brand successful. You can also put your business future in good hands. You can contact a packaging supplier for this purpose. 

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