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Choosing the right hair extension packaging is necessary to leave your competitors behind. But finding this packaging from the right source is quite confusing. Many packaging companies are offering their services in the United States. 

If you don’t have time to check every single packaging provider, you are at the right place. 

In this blog post, we will explore where to buy hair extension boxes online. Let’s discuss first why they are important for your business. 


4 Reasons Why Hair Extension Boxes Are Important

As a brand owner, it is necessary to understand why unique hair packaging is important. Their functionality impresses the buyers at first glance. 

Also, it highlights your products on the store shelves. Simply, they are more than just packaging boxes. Here are the reasons that show the true importance of these boxes: 


1. Enhance Protection of Hair Extensions

People are likely to trust brands that offer products in sturdy packaging. “A satisfied buyer is the best business strategy of all said by Michael Leboeuf.” 

Hair extension boxes are best in this regard. They offer complete protection and maintain the originality of hair extensions. It is because they are made with quality material. 


2. Avail Branding Opportunities

Another great thing is that they offer branding opportunities. They offer you a canvas. Where you can print taglines, logos, and other necessary information. 

That speaks loudly about your hair extension brand. This saves businesses from the inconvenience of running promotional campaigns. 


3. Enhance Visual Appeal

Custom hair packaging has a major role in enhancing visual appeal. In short, it allows you to add images and typography. That provides an attractive presentation of your products. 

It creates an unforgettable unboxing experience for the buyers. This thing keeps customers coming back for more hair extensions. 


4. Cut Your Costs

They are highly important for businesses with a limited budget. They can purchase them without breaking the bank. You can consider it a highly cost-effective option for your business. 

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Let’s move forward to explore the types of these boxes. 


6 Types of Packaging for Hair Extension


Types of packaging for hair exntension


All brands have different needs. Thus, The Customize Boxes offers amazing types of boxes for wigs. Each type is of supreme quality and has a unique function. They fulfill your business needs. Some exciting types are the following;


1. Printed Hair Extension Boxes

Printed hair extension boxes prominent the benefits of your hair extensions. The prints on the boxes also help to create a buzz. That forces the audience to make a quick decision. That helps to heighten the sales level of your products. 


2. Hair Extension Boxes with Window

Hair extension boxes with window come with a transparent window. That gives people a sneak peek of your products. It also helps you from the hassle of opening and closing the boxes. 


3. Pillow Hair Extension Boxes

Pillow hair extension boxes are famous due to their elegance. They are used to store medium and long hair extensions. They also leave a positive impact on the buyer’s minds. Additionally, such types of boxes are perfect for fashion-conscious ladies. 


4. Foldable Hair Extension Boxes

Brands use foldable hair extension boxes to pack luxury products. It offers them a premium look. You can also modify them in the desired dimensions and sizes. Also, this classy style enhances the excitement of customers. 


5. Luxury Pillow Hair Extension Boxes

Luxury pillow hair extension boxes are a combination of durability and functionality. They keep your products secure and also give them the best look. Simply, they save you from any kind of inconvenience. 


6. Hair Extension Display Boxes

Hair extension display boxes are best for presenting your products. It is the first interaction between buyers and your hair extensions. Simply, it can make a big difference in the fashion world. 


The Customize Boxes Brings a Craze

You are still wondering where to buy hair extension boxes? Your answer is The Customize Boxes. You can choose us as your packaging provider. We pay complete attention to the details of the packaging. 

Simply, we bring a craze for our clients. That makes bonds stronger with our valuable clients. 

Here’s what makes us great providers. 


Free Designing Consultation

Businesses who need free design consultation can choose us. Our designer team is all set to help you. They can bring your thoughts into reality with the latest techniques. They also suggest engaging designs. That sets you apart from other hair extension brands. 


No plates & Die Charges

You don’t need to worry about the charge of plates and dies. It is because we allow you to choose any die-cut and color scheme free of cost. 


Fast Turnaround Time

Timely delivery is the main concern of businesses. Thus, The Customize Boxes complete every order before the deadline. Our standard delivery time is 12 to 15 days. 


Free Delivery 

We offer free delivery on all orders in the United States. You can get your hair extension boxes wherever you are in the USA without being worried about cost. 



Where to buy hair extension boxes is something that impacts on the overall performance of your business. The Customize Boxes is a reliable source to get creative extension boxes. For this, you also don’t need to leave the comfort of your home. 

Moreover, our tailored solution will surely meet your business needs. Our commitment to quality helps to raise the standard of your brand. Contact us to get started on the packaging journey!

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