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Custom Mylar Bags Market


Let’s first talk about the importance of packaging before discussing custom mylar bags. The packaging industry is evolving every year, and it has reshaped many business sectors. Packaging is the first thing that lets buyers decide whether or not they will make a purchase.

Imagine a customer walks into a store, reaches the aisle with your product, and does not make a purchase. What does that tell us? The customer probably changed their mind after seeing the packaging. It may be unappealing for the customer, or they might have thought that it was not strong and protective enough.

In any case, loose, unappealing, or unsafe packaging may lead to losing a customer. And that is not something that you want, especially now that every brand has dozens of competitors in the market.

Now, let us move on to the second part; what is a mylar bag? What makes custom mylar bags so special? Most importantly, why will these bags soon dominate the market? So,

let us figure out all these aspects one by one. Those who already know about these bags can skip the part where we answer what this bag is. 


What is a Mylar Bag?

Mylar is a unique and specific type of packaging that is flexible, adaptable, and reusable. The term mylar actually belongs to DuPont Teijin Films, which first launched a specific type of film in 1952. Later, in 1954, the company began production in Ohio, USA.

Currently, the term Mylar refers to plastic film used for packaging, whereas the actual term was for BoPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) film. The bags made with this film are used for packaged food, personal care items, CBD products, and many other items. Today, these bags are a popular packaging choice for a wide range of business sectors. 


What Makes Custom Mylar Bags Special?



There are several factors that set custom mylar bags apart from the other types of packaging. For instance, they are lightweight yet highly resilient packaging solutions. They are often tear-proof and puncture-resistant. These bags provide air-tight closure to keep the product inside safe and fresh.

Moreover, this air-tight feature makes them odor and moisture-resistant, too. In addition, these bags are resealable. Thus, they can keep the product inside safe and fresh till the end. These are among the many factors that make these bags so special. Now, let us talk about why these bags will soon dominate the market and become the future of packaging.


Top 10 reasons these bags will soon dominate the packaging world.


1. Superior Barrier Properties

The resistance to environmental factors is always the primary concern for every product manufacturer. Well, thanks to custom mylar bags, this thing is no longer a worry for them. They are an excellent barrier against environmental factors, such as moisture, oxygen, UV light, aromas, and insects.

Thus, they can be the best way to preserve your product's freshness, flavor, and potency for a long time. These bags get their superior barrier properties from their sturdy manufacturing. The strong film used for their production gives them strength to provide protection against harmful elements. 


2. Puncture Resistance and Durability

Mishandling, tears, and stacking are among the major issues during the shipping process. Every other product manufacturer tries to avoid it by adapting various tricks. However, using custom mylar bags is the best way to ensure this. These bags offer resistance against punctures during and after shipping. Also, they are durable and can withstand rugged conditions. 


3. Extended Shelf Life

The durability of custom mylar bags makes them suitable for an extended shelf life of products. Their resistance makes them stand out against traditional packaging solutions.

These bags can effectively reduce the damage and spoilage rate of your products while displaying on store shelves. This is a factor that makes these bags a darling of manufacturers as well as consumers. Because the manufacturers get lower product spoilage rates, whereas the consumers get the product in its best condition. 


4. Sustainability and Recyclability

Custom mylar bags are recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions. They can be a contributor to promoting recycling, reusing, and repurposing the packaging. This recyclability trait gives them two major benefits.

First, their prices are lower and they are highly economical packaging solutions.

Secondly, their sustainability is appealing to environmentally conscious consumers resulting in an increase in sales and your brand’s popularity.

Moreover, these bags are lightweight and occupy less space during shipping. Thus, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the shipping of heavier packages.


5. Lightweight and Flexible

The flexible nature of custom mylar bags allows the carrying of heavier items. They carry heavy items without the fear of tear or puncture during shipping as well as on display in stores.

In addition, these packages are excellent for compact storage spaces. They occupy less space compared to traditional packaging carrying the same quantity. Moreover, they come with hanging holes for a better and more organized display inside the store.

These hanging holes can be in different shapes and their placement is customizable. They can be at the top, on the side, or at the bottom of the bag. Also, the hanging hole can vary in number depending on the needs and requirements of the product inside. 


6. Branding and Marketing Potential

The custom mylar bags have the potential to promote your brand and business. They are custom-printed packaging solutions. Thus, you can get any custom design for these bags and promote your brand.

The printing can be images of the product, your contact information, and other product-related information. Moreover, there are various finish options for these packaging solutions. These finishing options make them exotic and enhance their shelf appeal.

In addition, the wide space of the bag works as a big canvas for you to showcase your creativity.


7. Versatility and Customization

The custom mylar bags are available in various custom sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Their customization makes them an ideal choice for a variety of industries, including CBD, food, cosmetics, clothing, and personal care.

Moreover, these packages are available with a number of other customization options. These options include but are not limited to tear notches, resealable closures, hanging holes, and custom printing. 


8. Adaptable to Emerging Packaging Needs

The modern packaging needs are different from what we were seeing a decade ago. Today, a major consumer of packaging solutions is the e-commerce industry. Similarly, CBD and other contemporary products have special packaging needs that only custom mylar bags can fulfill.

Moreover, a bigger concern of manufacturers across the globe is that they do not want to pay extra for shipping. These bags reduce their shipping cost as they are both smart and lightweight. Thus, they have the best adaptation potential to fulfill emerging packaging needs in a variety of industries. 


9. Cost-effective Solutions

Another reason why these bags are going to rule the packaging world is their cost-effectiveness. They are cheaper and more economical packaging solutions compared to traditional packaging solutions. Moreover, since their manufacturing material is recyclable, their production cost is reduced automatically.

In addition, these are reusable bags thus you can reuse them multiple times without going through the recycling process. Also, they reduce your shipping cost, storage cost, and spoilage ratio, their average price is still way better than their counterparts. 


10. Meets Consumer Expectations

Consumers want nothing but utmost satisfaction and that is exactly what these custom mylar bags offer them. These bags can meet the expectations of the consumers that they have for packaging.

For instance, consumers want the product in its finest shape and these packages ensure acute protection. Moreover, consumers prefer handy packaging solutions and these bags are handier than any other type of packaging.

Similarly, they are reusable so the consumers can put them to good use even after the product inside is consumed. These are some examples how these bags meet the expectations of consumers and increase their trust in your brand. 


Bonus Tip

Here is a bonus tip of these packaging solutions. They come with child safety locks thus reducing the risk of falling the product in the wrong hands. Certified and tested child-resistant zip locks are used for these bags to keep the product out of the reach of kids.

Even if the product inside is safe for children, this lock still helps ensure its controlled consumption.



After the detailed discussion, it is obvious as daylight that custom mylar bags are going to rule the packaging world. Their benefits, unique features, and cost-effectiveness make them stand out among other types of packaging solutions.

The Customize Boxes is a proud manufacturer of these bags. We offer them at lower prices with many additional benefits. If you have any questions about these bags, talk to our team without hesitation.

Take your brand to the future of packaging, get these bags for your products, and be a part of the global trend of packaging solutions. 


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