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Innovative Ideas for Kraft Boxes That You Never Heard of

Kraft boxes are becoming a popular packaging choice due to their advantageous features. If you also use or plan to use kraft packaging, you would need to design them well if you want to boost your brand and sales with better packaging.

An appropriately designed product packaging influences the purchase decision of your customers and helps boost your sales. Innovative styles of packaging can be presented as your unique brand identity which is an excellent brand recall tool for your business.

But, how can you design your kraft packaging boxes that resonate with your brand and boost your product appearance?

Read this blog to explore 10 innovative ideas for your kraft boxes that you might never have heard of. These designs will give you ideas of thinking out of the box and designing your product packaging creatively.


Why are Kraft Box Designs Important?

According to a survey:

“The purchase decision of almost 72% of US-based consumers is altered by the product packaging design.”

If you are a product seller, your kraft box design is paramount in enhancing sales and driving more business. Also, you can add your brand elements to kraft packaging boxes without any hassle. It helps you boost your brand without much discomfort.

Suitably-designed kraft boxes also help you fit your products snugly in them. Such custom boxes fitting your products perfectly leave a good impression on your customers.

10 Creative & Innovative Design Ideas for Kraft Boxes

As we have discussed, the design of kraft boxes is crucial in enhancing your product presentation, boosting branding, and increasing sales. But which design will suit your product and resonate with your brand? To help you with this, we have mentioned 10 creative & innovative design ideas for your kraft boxes below that you might have never heard of before:


  1. Double Opening Round Boxes

Double-opening round boxes are an uncommon yet catchy packaging style that adds a touch of elegance to your products. These round-shaped kraft boxes are for those who want to break the convention of packaging their products in rectangular boxes.

The best thing about this packaging style is that it provides a unique unboxing experience to the users. With a hinge on the back, these boxes split into halves when opened. Such unique styles are perfect for packing high-end items and gift products.


  1. Custom Hexagon Pillar Boxes

Another packaging style that helps you think outside of the cuboid shape is the hexagonal pillar box. The six edges of these custom kraft boxes not only enhance the glory of these packaging boxes but also provide them with a robust structure.

The elongated structure of these unique pillar boxes makes them perfect for packing products that are more in length than in width. For instance, you can pack taper candles, lipsticks, perfume bottles, and similar items in these boxes.


  1. Lip Shaped Lipstick Boxes

Box designs that depict your products, at first sight, are more likely to be bought by your prospects. For example, packing your lipsticks in lip-shaped kraft boxes is a unique and captivating way to present your products.

Choosing such funky designs can also make you stand out from your competitors and enhance your brand recognition in the market. You can also customize the colors of these lip-shaped boxes according to the lipstick shades packed in them.


  1. Diamond Shaped Gift Boxes

If you want your gift items to stay ahead of the curve, opt for diamond-shaped boxes for these products. These geometric boxes not only enhance the visual appeal of your products but also provide significant protection to them.

Diamond-shaped kraft boxes can be used to pack high-end gifts and jewelry items and entice more buyers to your products.


  1. Personalized Pyramid Boxes

Pyramid boxes are becoming trendy these days due to their unique design and sturdy structure. Using a fine die-cut technique, you can make excellent foldable pyramid-shaped boxes that will elevate the appearance of your products.

To make these boxes more fascinating, close the edges of the pyramid with a satin ribbon. This add-on will make them a perfect gift packaging box as well.


  1. Sleeve Boxes With Die-Cut Windows

If you want to enhance the unboxing experience of your customers and leave a lasting impression on them, opt for a sleeve slider box design. This unique and enticing style never gets old. These two-piece boxes come with a tray and sliding sleeve.

The attractiveness of the sleeve slider style can be enhanced by adding a die-cut window to these boxes. These windows make see-through packaging to enhance the visibility of your products and help in the purchase decisions of your customers.


  1. Customized Boxes

By designing your product packaging boxes innovatively, you can communicate with your prospects and convert them into customers. For this purpose, you can tell the story of your product and brand on the packaging boxes.

Add captivating graphics and connectable images that win the hearts of your customers. For instance, you can add an image of a well-groomed man on your packaging boxes to promote cosmetics for men.

Don’t place your brand logo in the corner! Make it more visible creatively by incorporating it in the printed graphics and impress your buyers.


  1. Creative Gable Boxes

Gable-shaped boxes come with a handle that not only enhances their appearance but also helps your customers in carrying your product conveniently. These boxes can be made more creative by printing captivating graphics on them. You can also insert die-cut windows into these boxes and leave a lasting impression on the customers.


  1. Vintage Style Kraft Boxes

Take your customers to the past and witness the exponential growth in your business. You can connect your buyers to the glory of the past by offering them products in retro-style vintage kraft boxes.

The graphics on such packaging boxes persuades customers and helps you connect your brand with the legacy of the past. Retro packaging can help you engage more people with your product and increase your sales.


  1. Pillow Packaging Boxes

Pillow packaging boxes are uniquely-designed and break the convention of using rectangular boxes. These pillow-shaped kraft boxes can be used to pack various types of products. However, cosmetics, gifts, and smart gadgets are most commonly packed in them.



Kraft packaging boxes are considered to be an excellent packaging solution for product-based businesses. However, designing these boxes is paramount if you want to enhance the presentation of your items packed in them and boost your brand.

As mentioned above, these 10 creative and innovative custom kraft box design ideas can help you find the perfect one for your products. Happy packaging!

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