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Different Ways Kraft Boxes Boost Brand Image and Customer Experience

The kraft box market has a CAGR of 4.1%, which shows that the demand for kraft boxes is increasing. 

Kraft packaging boosts your brand image and helps to retain existing customers to spread positive word-of-mouth marketing. These boxes enable your brand to thrive, impress your customers, and improve their experiences. 

Read this blog to learn how kraft boxes enhance brand image and customer experience.


What Are the Benefits of Using Kraft Boxes For Business?

Custom Kraft boxes are made from 100% recycled material and paperboard for packaging products. These boxes are sturdy and durable due to their thickness which maximizes product protection.


Kraft is a German word which means strength. It has a natural rustic brown color used to wrap or pack items for better presentation and safety. 

Now you know about kraft, let’s see what are the benefits of this packaging material for products:

Enhance Product Presentation

Presentation is key for making your product stand out on the shelves. Pack your product in the outstanding boxes to enhance its visual appeal over the competition. Kraft packaging can be constructed in different shapes or sizes to fit your product needs. These boxes are made from chemical-free material and look versatile to grab consumers' attention.

Differentiate Your Brand

With logo, name, and taglines, you can make your brand differentiate from others. Use your brand elements that reflect our brand story and capture consumer attention. Highlight the features of the product on the package and educate your customer which helps to create a better brand image. With vibrant colors and creative graphics, you can leave a lasting impression on customers' minds. 


Provide Product Protection

Kraft features durability and protection due to its thickness and become highly resistant to wear and tear. It keeps your product safe and protects your item from external elements during transit. For example, if you are packing food items in custom kraft boxes, it can withstand heat and moisture and protect them from stalling.   


Ensure Sustainability

To ensure sustainability, kraft boxes are biodegradable and recyclable to reduce carbon footprints and landfills. You can use these eco-friendly materials and impress your eco-conscious buyers that you are contributing to conserving the environment. With these properties, kraft becomes more trendy packaging to support the green approach. 


Ways Kraft Boxes Boost Brand Image and CX  

One of the important elements of packaging is product protection. Kraft fulfills these elements and incorporates the features of advertising such as logos, names, or taglines to enhance brand recognition. Packaging is an important tool for increasing brand awareness and enhancing consumer experience. 

Let’s discuss how kraft packaging enhances the brand image and consumer experience:


Using Brand Elements

Go for unique taglines, logos, names, and illustrations on the kraft boxes to connect with customers emotionally. You can add these elements on kraft packaging so that when customers open your products they see from where they buy. Kraft packaging with such prints or designs boosts your brand image and reputation. 

To elevate your brand image, capture customers' attention with special occasion packaging such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Super Bowl. You can cater to different audiences with different kraft packaging to boost brand image and build emotional connections with customers. 


Focusing on the Visuals 

Use different visuals, graphics, images, and patterns on the kraft boxes to set your brand apart from others. It helps to create a cohesive visual identity and boost brand recognition. Consistent elements with vibrant colors and innovative prints can leave a lasting impression on customers. 

For example, when you use vintage print or style on your kraft packaging you emotionally connect your customers to your brand. Creating a nostalgia or memory throwback helps you get more eyeballs.


Understanding the Consumer Perception  

According to research, 72% of consumers make buying decisions just based on the first impression. If you understand the consumer psychology regarding buying perception, you win the half battle. 

Build your kraft boxes with different add-ons such as ribbons, windows, and handles to enhance the presentation and capture the audience's attention. You can pack treats in the kraft gable boxes to grab the kid's attention. 

Kraft packaging gives you the option to customize these boxes in multiple ways such as unique shapes, sizes, or styles to enhance the customer experience. When you meet the customer's expectations, it will increase your brand image. 


Show Commitments to Sustainability Goals

Kraft is a sustainable material for packaging goods or items and provides a positive message about your brand values. Using kraft will show your commitment to the sustainability and environment conversation that will enhance your brand identity among eco-conscious buyers. 

Many brands agreed to the suitability and switched towards eco-friendly packaging. Kraft is one of the best eco-friendly materials for packaging. When you use sustainable kraft packaging you are selling a unique point to expand your customer base that you are helping nature.


Increase Customer Convenience

Use window kraft boxes, kraft gable boxes, kraft pillow boxes, and other styles to enhance customer convenience and ease of product use. With different add-ons on the kraft boxes, you add features and uplift the consumer experience. Use slider boxes with ribbons for easy opening and access to the product. 

Make your kraft boxes perfect for display with a window to provide a quick look at the product. These different kraft packaging styles help you to make your customers convenient and boost brand recall. A quick look at the product ensures quality and convinces consumers to make a purchase.

Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

By using the finishes, giving a luxurious feel to the kraft boxes will create an unforgettable unboxing experience. When customers are happy with the product they recommend the brand to their family or friends. And 88% of people trust their recommendations and make decisions to buy from your bands. This is a chance to increase your brand identity with quality products and exceptional packaging. 

You can choose glossy or matte, gold or silver foil, and embossing or debossing to scale up the package's appearance and captivate the customer to open the box.


Get Kraft Packaging for Your Brand!

Kraft packaging can help you strengthen your brand and ensure you provide a great experience to your customers. If you want to learn how you can utilize kraft packaging for your business, you can contact us today by phone or email! 

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