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Pillow Boxes


Custom pillow boxes are unique packaging for a variety of items, including gifts, retail products, and promotional materials. These boxes are popular for their unique shape, numerous added benefits, sustainability, and being super economical.

If you are thinking of switching the packaging for your products, you must try out these boxes. You may be wondering why try these boxes and what makes them so special. Well, these are the wonders we are going to explore together in this article.

So, stay with us till the end to find out why you should choose these boxes over other packaging.


Custom Pillow Boxes 101 – Everything You Need to Know

Custom pillow boxes are packaging solutions that are in the shape of a pillow, as evident by their name. These packaging solutions are manufactured with kraft or cardboard stock. Their customizable size makes them an ideal packaging choice for a variety of items.

These boxes have closure tabs on both ends. These tabs are folded inside to close the box. This makes their shape very user-friendly. It is your choice to put a locking mechanism at either or both closure tabs.

Moreover, the unique shape of these boxes makes them a perfect choice for gift-giving and wedding favors. They are popular in a number of industries, from food to clothing and from cosmetic items to promotional products.

Their versatility, recyclability, pocket-friendliness, and convenience make them a front-runner in the packaging game.

Now that we have described and understood the basics of these boxes let us dig deeper. Let us find out what are the benefits that these boxes can offer. 


Advantages of Custom Pillow Boxes

This may sound cliche, but the list of advantages that these boxes can offer is exhaustive. So, we are going to cut things short and share with you only the top-of-list benefits of custom pillow boxes.

  • Ease of Assembling:

These boxes are super easy to assemble. They come with pre-glued panels. All you have to do is to pop the box out and use it for your products.

  • Ease of Use:

These boxes come with easy-to-open tabs on both ends. Thus, they are super easy to use and bring comfort to the customers.

  • Brand Promotion:

These boxes have the potential to effectively play a role in the promotion of your brand. The wide space on them can be used for brand promotion.

  • Value Product Inside:

The high quality of these boxes promotes the product inside. Their high quality gives the impression that the product inside is also a high-value item. This bids well for your brands as well as your sales.

  • Customizable on Demand:

One of the benefits that come with these boxes is that they are customizable. They can be customized following the requirements of your products.

Moreover, to make them more appealing, you can always use various embellishment options. These include die-cut windows, coatings, and finishing styles.

  • Custom Printing:

The personalization of size and style are not the only customization options for these boxes. They can be printed in various custom colors. This printing can go on the inside and outside, inside only, or just the outside of the box.

  • Less Resource Consumption:

The manufacturing of these boxes demands fewer resources. They can be made with less paper supply, less labor, and less carbon capital investment. 

  • Versatility and Adaptability:

These boxes are beneficial for small and large businesses alike. Their versatility and adaptability are tremendous, and they can be customized to cater to any type of product.

Therefore, plan on using them for any of your products, including homemade items, promotional items, and retail products.

  • Ready to Use:

The next biggest advantage of these boxes is that they are ready to use. You just have to pop them inside out, and they are ready to use. There is, literally, no assembling, gluing, or scoring required. You only need to put the product in, shut the closure tabs, and ship it.

However, you might need to use tape or glue on the closure tabs for a heavy item.


Why Should You Choose a Pillow Box?



After learning all the advantages of these custom pillow boxes, you must be excited to learn why you pick them. Why should you choose these boxes over other packaging, and what are their unique features?

Well, we are going to find out exactly why you should choose these boxes. 


1. Unique Displaying Option:

These boxes have such a unique shape that is unparallel. This gives them an edge in displaying the product. Therefore, these boxes are considered the best and unique options for displaying your product. However, they might occupy a little extra space on the shelf. 

2. Perfect for Small or Lightweight Items:

If you want to use these boxes for a small or lightweight item, then they are the perfect choice. However, for larger or heavier items, you might need to use tape or glue the closure tabs.

3. Cost-effective Packaging Solutions:

These boxes are an affordable packaging option. Their pricing is affordable for start-ups and big brands alike. And their price is lower because these boxes are manufactured with recyclable materials. Their manufacturing supplies, including the inks, are organic and recyclable. 

4. Create Brand Awareness:

If you want to make the presence of your brand known, you must use these boxes. Their unique shape makes them stand out. Moreover, they can be used for a variety of items. You can use them to give away free samples and create awareness of your brand. 

5. Stylish and Handy Party Favor Packages:

These boxes are stylish and handy party favor packaging solutions. They are an ideal choice for party favors, small promotional items, gifts, and product samples.

6. Freedom of Creativity:

The next reason to choose these boxes is the freedom of creativity they provide. This includes the size of the box, its printing design, its texture, and its finishing style. Thus, you can make the box as much aesthetically pleasing as you want. Moreover, creative and aesthetically pleasing packaging attracts more customers in the retail market. 


What Are The Different Customization Options For These Boxes?

Custom pillow boxes come with a number of customization options. These options are other than size and printing styles, and they make the packaging more functional and sturdy.

Let’s see what the options are and how they improve these boxes.

1. Astonishing Add-Ons:

There are several astonishing add-on options that you can choose for these boxes. For instance, you may consider spot UV, embossing, debossing, hot stamping, and window patching.

Embossing and debossing are the most popular add-on options for these boxes. Hot stamping is adding a shining foil layer in silver or gold to the box. Moreover, spot UV is known for its eye-catching glossy effects and for making the box look elegant.

Lastly, window patching is commonly known as die-cutting. It allows a sneak peek into the box and enhances the temptation of the customer. 

2. Sensational Finishing Styles

There are several amazing and sensational finishing styles available for these custom pillow boxes

These finishing styles enhance the overall appearance of the box as well as increase their protection level.

The Customize Boxes has the following finishing styles for these boxes:

  • Matte Finish
  • Smudge-free Finish
  • Soft Touch Finish
  • Gloss Finish

Matte: Matte finishing does not reflect much and gives a sober and classy look. Brands like Apple use a matte finishing style for their packaging.
Smudge-free: Smudge-free finishing makes your product packaging resistant to scratching. Also, it minimized the effects of UV lights.
Soft touch: Soft touch finishing is ideal for products that require a premium look. 
Gloss: Gloss finishing, as obvious by its name, gives a shiny look. It is popular for cosmetics and jewelry items. 



We have come a long way while discussing why should you make custom pillow boxes your first packaging choice. It is obvious that these boxes hold potential that no other type of packaging has.

Moreover, these packaging solutions are highly economical, and every new and old brand can afford them. They have a great potential for branding and making your brand visible in the market.

In addition, these boxes are flexible in usage, flexible on materials, customizable and personalizable, and super convenient. They are perfect for homemade as well as commercial items alike.

Try them as your product packaging once, and you will never regret the decision. And if you are looking for the best packaging manufacturer in the USA, then you must check The Customize Boxes.


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