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Custom Bakery Packaging Boxes

The selection of a perfect custom bakery packaging is not an easy task. Bakery owners constantly struggle with this selection. They rely on these containers to ensure the protection and safe delivery of their products. Well, there are many other factors too. We understand that struggle and are here to make it easy for you.

We are here to tell you all about these boxes and what to look for when selecting these boxes. Let us learn about the importance of these containers, what factors to look for, and how they benefit your business. 


Importance of Custom Bakery Packaging

The importance of custom bakery packaging is undeniable, and this is true for all bakery items. These packaging solutions include cake boxes, cookie boxes, donut boxes, muffin boxes, cupcake boxes, truffle boxes, pies, macarons, and more. The importance of these boxes is unique for all these products as each of them has a unique shelf life.

Their shelf life is the deciding factor in choosing various aspects of the packaging. These factors play a crucial role in preserving the delicacy, taste, and texture of the product. However, there are some factors and parameters that remain the same for all types of packaging solutions. 


Let us take a look at these factors and parameters.


1. The Size of Custom Bakery Packaging

The size of a custom bakery packaging solution is the first thing to look at. The size of the box must be perfectly appropriate for the bakery product. If the container is of a different size, then it can ruin the product. Moreover, you should also consider the quantity of the product while choosing the box size.

You must ensure that the packaging has enough space to accommodate various quantities of your product. TheCustomizeBoxes has a wide range of custom sizes for these boxes. You can also select a custom size of your choice considering the special requirements of your product. 


2. Closure Mechanism

The closure mechanism in your bakery packaging is the next thing to look for. It is a factor that involves the safety of your products. Thus, you can choose from various types of closure mechanisms, including tuck-top, clamshell, or lock-corner boxes. The choice of closure mechanism depends upon the type of product and how you want to sell it.

For instance, you may want to sell online or in-store. If you want to sell your product online and send it to the customer through shipping, then the closure mechanism must be compact. Contrary to that, for selling the product in-store, the closure mechanism does not need to be complex. 


3. Consider Ease of Carrying

Ease of carrying is another must-have factor for every bakery packaging. Thus, you must consider making the carrying of the box easier. A packaging box that is easy to carry improves your brand experience. Customers appreciate packaging that is easy to carry.

You can consider adding a stylish ribbon at the top of the box. However, choose the type of handle that is suitable for the product. Moreover, you can also consider the addition of a die-cut window to the box. This gives the box a fresh and new look and also makes it easier to hold.

The shape of the die-cut can be customized as per your choice. However, make sure that the die-cut handle is strong enough to bear the load of the product.


4. Bulk Ordering and Pricing

Buying in bulk is a major factor to consider for these boxes. When you buy custom bakery packaging wholesale, you not only get special prices but also enjoy free shipping. Many brands provide this offer for their bulk-buying clients.

Moreover, it is recommended for bakery businesses to get packaging in bulk. It is because they can meet any unexpectedly larger order only if they have the product packaging with them.


5. Brand’s Image and Reputation

Building the reputation and image of the brand is a built-in part of custom printed bakery packaging. You can benefit from their custom printing options. Make them your brand ambassador with your brand’s logo. You can implement different strategies to improve your brand’s image.

For instance, get the box printed on both sides of the box – inside and outside. This boosts their unboxing experience and makes them love your brand. 
Moreover, you can also ask your customers to share their feedback. This is a tricky one, but it is also highly effective.

Customers love organic reviews, especially when they come voluntarily. Make the unboxing and brand experience of your customers special and get positive feedback from them.


6. Food-grade and Eco-friendly Packaging

This is the most crucial aspect to look out for in custom bakery packaging. The primary purpose of these packaging solutions is to protect the product inside. However, if they are not made with organic supplies or non-food-grade materials, then things can go south, too.

Instead of protecting your product, non-food-grade packaging can ruin your product. It can compromise taste, texture, and even the shape of the product, too. However, if you go for kraft bakery packaging boxes, they are perfectly safe for your products.

These boxes are eco-friendly and food-grade packaging solutions. Thus, they do not compromise your edible items. Instead, they serve the primary function of packaging to its core.

Moreover, using organic, sustainable, and food-grade packaging solutions can boost your business. Let your customers know that you care about the natural environment as much as you value your customers. 



The list of factors to look out for custom bakery packaging is an extensive one. However, we have told you about the top 5-6 best factors. You must understand and then decide which ones are suitable for your brand.

The way you are going to use these boxes is also a huge factor. Some additional features for these boxes include leaving ventilation space (for freshly baked items) or adding custom sleeves inside the box.

Such small acts can make the customers fall in love with your brand. Give them a try today and you will find out more about these boxes. 

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