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Kraft Box Benefits

In the past kraft paper was an ugly duckling to ignore because of its brown color. But now kraft paper has dominated the packaging industry.

Shortly, it is in trend nowadays. It is the best type of packaging and can be used for any market. Kraft box is also famous for its excellent durability. It guarantees the protection of your valuable products.

They are not only good for the safety of your products but also improve brand reputation. Thus, it is the first priority of many leading brands. 

In this blog post, we will cover all related aspects of kraft box. But wait! Firstly, we will tell you what is a kraft box, so keep on reading. 


What is Kraft material? How is it produced?

Kraft paper is made from natural materials. They are made from wood fiber which is known as pulp. They have some chemicals that hold fiber together. As a result, brown paper is formed. Thus, kraft is naturally brown.

So, you need to bleach it if you want in white color. Plus, this material can withstand heavier products. They also bring certain advantages to your business. 

So, let’s explore the in’s of kraft packaging. 


Undeniable Benefits of Using Kraft Box Packaging


Benefits of Using Kraft Boxes


In the evolving world of packaging, brands are turning to kraft box. Along with sustainable packaging options, they offer amazing benefits to your business.

Some of them are discussed below. 


Create Brand Recognition

Kraft box can come with branding elements. For example, logos, brand names, and messages can be printed on packaging. That makes your retail products visible on the retail shelves. Also, it creates a professional image of your brand. 



The production of a kraft box costs less than any other packaging box. So, businesses that have limited budgets can benefit from such packaging. It is because it won’t cross the limits of your budget. 


Increase Growth of  E-commerce Business

E-commerce business is flourishing every day. This is because a large number of people prefer online shopping. No worries! Kraft box is the right way to entice buyers online. It is because it has high custom features. That can give an unforgettable shopping experience. 


What Customization Choices Should I Choose?

From food to gifts and toys, a kraft box is ideal for all. Many brands can customize it to give a more natural look to products. They can modify kraft box dimensions according to the need of the product. 

There are so many ways to customize packaging but from where should we start?


  • Gold Foil

Brands and businesses can use gold foil to make their products more visible. This way, you can leave onlookers with no choice but to purchase your items. It is because it adds a lot of interest to your packaging. So, what are you waiting for? Choose it for your product packaging. 


  • Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors are a great strategy to improve the appearance of a kraft box. You can achieve the desired colors on kraft material. You can do full-color custom kraft box printing to make your valuable products prominent.  


  • Cutouts

Cut outs allow the audience to smell or see the products without opening the box. So, produce 100% custom cut out to create the identity of your products. This way, you can also make the decision process faster. After putting a little effort, you can create your brand story. 

Move forward with us and let’s unfold the features of the kraft box. 


Incredible Features that You Must Know


Features of Kraft Box


The biggest reason to choose a kraft box is; they have incredible features. That can help to improve your brand sales. Shortly, you will get the best results you want. 

Take a look at the few notable features of this box.


Versatile Packaging Solution

Kraft box is a well-known and versatile packaging option. Thus, they work for any industry. For example, e-commerce, healthcare, cosmetic, and food industries can get advantages from it. 


Offer Extreme Protection

The main concern of businesses is to provide extreme protection to your delicate products. They are light in weight as well as highly durable. It helps to maintain the originality of your products such as soap, makeup, and others. So, use a kraft box for shipping without any doubt. 


Simple to Design

The standout feature is that the kraft box is simple to design. Brands can easily print designs on kraft material. You don’t need to go through some difficult process. So, select designs and patterns that work well for your business.

The best part is that brands can design kraft box for cosmetic too.  You can also use your own kraft box design ideas to pique the curiosity of customers. 


Custom Sizes and Styles

Another great feature is that kraft box packaging is available in custom styles and sizes.  That gives you the opportunity to decide the desired style for your packaging. So, let’s explore some unique styles;

  • Straight Tuck Kraft Box
  • Lock Bottom Kraft Box
  • Reverse Tuck Kraft Box
  • Kraft Holster Box
  • Crash Bottom Kraft Box
  • Kraft Box with Window
  • Tuck Top Kraft Box

All these types of kraft boxes are created to suit a large variety of products.

Shortly, they work more than just storing your products. 


Are Kraft Boxes 100% Recycled or Sustainable?

Kraft material is going through fewer processes. Thus,  it is more environmentally friendly than others. Shortly, eco-friendly kraft boxes are closer to nature and pose no threat to the Earth.

Some authentic sources also prove that custom kraft boxes are 100% recycled. One of them is; According to the publication of Calameo by Arthur David, kraft boxes are a perfect blend of adaptability and eco-friendliness. 

We can say that kraft boxes are best in every aspect. Furthermore, To clear up all your confusion we are going to answer some questions. So, let’s Go!


Can We Use Kraft Box for Food?


Kraft Box for Food


Yes! Businesses can use kraft packaging for food. Now you’ll surely be thinking, " Why is kraft paper good for food packaging? This is because kraft paper is tear-resistant and durable. Food will also stay fresh for a long period. Thus, this packaging is ideal for restaurants and bakeries. So, use a kraft box for food packaging to secure the future of your food business. 


What are Kraft Boxes Used For?

Kraft boxes are used to wrap a variety of products. It is because Kraft box for product display are more efficient than others. Shortly, the kraft box uses are endless.

You can pack snacks, frozen foods, cakes, pastries, and more. Plus, brands can change as per the weight of your products. You can also get a kraft box for jewelry. That makes a striking impression on the buyer’s mind. Thus, they are leading the packaging industry. 

Now let’s wrap up the discussion on what is kraft box?


Final Discussion!

Thanks to the kraft box, it helps to get higher satisfaction. This is the simplest way to set a brand apart from the crowd. Also, it plays a crucial role in getting a massive raise in sales.

From small to medium-sized businesses, all can use such packaging to display products. So, if you are going to use this sustainable packaging. Then you will surely be proud of being a brand that participates in reducing carbon footprint.

You can work with The Customize Boxes to get exceptional kraft box packaging for your business. They are also known as the best kraft box manufacturer. Our friendly representatives will also guide you about product packaging.

I have put a lot of thought and attention in this blog. Hope you will enjoy it! 

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