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what is die cut boxes

There are a plethora of various box styles that have been introduced in the modern world today. “What kind of boxes would suit our product the best?” is a typical question for all the new businesses. Here, you will find out all you need to know about die cut boxes. 

These boxes are made from a specific machine known as die cut. That is where the name of these boxes rises. Single sheets of mainly corrugated cardboard is used to cut out the parts of the boxes. These boxes can come in varying sizes and shapes, as per the needs of businesses. 

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Best Fit Products for Die Cut Boxes 

If you are wondering what is a die cut box used for, then keep on reading. These boxes are an ideal choice for small to medium-sized products. They are best to keep fragile items safe and protected at all costs. The lid of these boxes closes with a tab which makes them secure. You can fit all kinds of products within these boxes, no matter what the shape of those items are. These boxes are manufactured in the right size as well so that they fit your products perfectly. Whether you want to store perfumes, candles, watches, or any other item, these boxes will be a top choice. 


The Unlimited Customization Options 

To make your product and brand stand out from the competitors, it is necessary to have a different approach. These boxes offer maximum customization for customers. It is manufactured using strong material which sustains all customization processes. Hence, you can create your ideal look with these boxes for your products in no time. These boxes allow you to print out your brand name, logo, set of instructions if any, images, artwork, and much more. An ideal factor about custom die cut boxes is that you can customize the interior part of the boxes as well with ease. Create a lovely unboxing experience by adding vibrant artwork on the inside or any quote or tagline. 


What Are RSC Boxes?

RSC or regular slotted container is the standard type of box. This is different from die cut boxes. To form RSC boxes, their sides are taped together. These boxes offer more versatile sizing options. You can avail any size of RSC boxes you would like for any kind of product. However, these boxes use a single sheet of material. Which impairs its protection limit. These boxes are an economical choice as they do not need any tools to manufacture. RSC boxes also offer customization, mainly on the exterior part of the boxes. They are commonly used for shipment purposes. 


How to Choose RSC vs Die Cut Boxes


RSC vs Die cut Bxes


RSC boxes and Die cut boxes both have amazing features. Choosing which one would fit your business and product the best is a critical choice to make. To settle on one, look at these main aspects to choose the box that would be perfect:



Die cut packaging offers higher customization than RSC boxes. You can customize die cut boxes inside and out but not RSC boxes. Hence, if you want to create a sparkling impression on customers or, if you have a luxurious product and want to give them a unique unboxing then die cut boxes will be your top choice. 



RSC boxes are on an affordable side when compared to die cut boxes. However, you might need to spend more on tape and packaging material. With die cut boxes, you will get a tighter fit and a secure closure for an increased price. 


Order Quantity

Another element you have to consider when choosing RSC or Die cut boxes is the number of products you are going to store in your boxes. RSC allows you to fit one item or 2 for shipping. However, if you want maximum protection while shipping multiple products then die cut boxes will be your top choice. 


Brand Reputation

Having unique packaging is a vital element. To create more brand recognition or, to reach the standards, die cut boxes will help. They can easily be customized as well to your liking. RSC boxes offer less customization. You can still print your brand name and logo on these boxes. 


Unboxing Experience

If you want to provide customers with a great unboxing experience then die cut boxes will be your top option. You can always rely on these boxes to give your customers an ideal unboxing experience at all times, no matter what your product is. RSC boxes are mainly used for packaging purposes and only can be customized at a limited amount. 

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Where Can You Get Die Cut Boxes?

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