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custom chocolate boxes

Chocolate is known to be the most demanding product. Some people cannot live without chocolate. Chocolate has uncountable advantages like chocolates are considered to be...


  • Very nutritious
  • It’s the best way to take a Powerful source of antioxidants
  • It helps to improve lower blood pressure
  • It Raises HDL and protects LDL from oxidation
  • It reduces heart disease risk
  • It protects your skin from the sun


As chocolates have a lot of benefits their usage is also uncountable. Chocolates are considered to be one of the important eatable products to have on occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduation ceremonies, baby showers, bridal showers, and so many other occasions.

By keeping the demand for the product in mind, the idea of Custom Chocolate Boxes has been introduced in the packaging industry.


Customize packaging boxes make your chocolates different and unique. Customization offers you a lot of features that a product manufacturer can adopt to make its chocolate business high.

Though a lot of companies offer customize chocolate packaging boxes the remarkable and outstanding one is the customize boxes because they offer a lot of features of customization to their honorable clients like:


  • Choose your desired material 
  • Environment-friendly material 
  • Recyclable material
  • Durable material 
  • Cost-effective packaging solution
  • Easy to handle 
  • Expert designers
  • Uncountable sizes 
  • Uncountable shapes
  • 3D, UV printing
  • lamination 


Apart from these features, remarkable offers are also given to make your chocolate business successful. As: 


  • No charges for customization 
  • Expert opinion is free of cost
  • Free sample size
  • Error-free packaging 
  • Refund policy 
  • Online order
  • Wholesale rate with free delivery 


Our manufactured packaging boxes that have all of these features and offer not only help to grab the attention of the buyers but also help them to make these customize chocolate packaging boxes the first choice of customers as well.


Wrap Chocolate, Market your Product 

Packaging is used as a marketing tool to promote your chocolate business. The customers perceive the taste of chocolate after looking at its packaging boxes. The more bewildering the packaging box will be, the more customers will be inclined towards your chocolate.

Chocolate packaging matters a lot to advertise your product in the market. A product without Custom Boxes cannot be sold because the customers consider it an unhygienic and ordinary product and no one likes to buy common products.

Customers are brand-conscious these days, especially when they go to buy chocolates, they first look at the packaging.


If they find packaging enticing, they get ready to buy the product. Though people love chocolate and cannot resist it the brains only accept beautiful packaging.

Quality cardboard Kraft Custom Chocolate Packaging with moderate and contemporary printing is the only solution to advertise your product in the market.


If you are a product manufacturer and are in search of ideal printed customize chocolate packaging boxes. Join hands with us, we give excellent features of printing that not only boost up your product in the market but generate profit as well.

We assure you after joining Shads with us, you will find no need to go to a packaging company to advertise your product in the market.


  • We emboss the logo on customize chocolate packaging boxes
  • The details of the company are imprinted on boxes
  • Ingredients and warning notes are printed
  • Images of chocolate


All of these features are enough to publicize Custom Chocolate Packaging. When customers see a lot of information on chocolate packaging boxes, they do not investigate the product anymore and keep it in their carts.


Build Brand Name

Not only marketing is enough to make your business the first choice of customers but also to make your brand identity is a big task for the product manufacturer.

Brand identity transforms into sales that ultimately increase traffic. expert packaging designers play a key role in building the name of your company.


Sparking chocolate packaging boxes like window-shaped, sectioned boxes and die-cut, gift boxes play a key role in making your business prosperous. Window shape not only saves the time of the buyers but also helps them to see from the window what is packed inside the box.

Sections are built with Kraft paper that not only protect your product from getting damaged but also maintains them in their original shape. 


Die-cut is the best way to give an ideal accurate packaging solution. Display packaging boxes are usually placed on the first shelf of the retailers that garb the attention of the customers.

Gift chocolate packaging boxes are always remarkable and when you give these customize chocolate packaging boxes to your loved ones. You leave an everlasting impression on them because they can use these gift boxes for other uses as well.


Build Interest and Long Term Relationships

Custom Chocolate Packaging boxes build the trust of the customers because the quality of cardboard and Kraft material is used to manufacture boxes. Trust cannot be obtained without quality. Quality is the core of any business.

The prime reason for the customize boxes is not to earn profit but we love to build long-term relationships with our dear clients and that is only possible with high-quality packaging boxes.

These high qualities of chocolate packaging boxes do not only build our strong relationship with each other but also your customers do not pick any other chocolate company after buying your chocolate once.


Make your Events Unforgettable 

No event can be celebrated without chocolates and candies. But the event can only be wonderful if the decorations of the events and the gifts are wrapped properly. Chocolates are considered to be an amazing return gift, especially at birthday parties.

To make your event unforgettable, not only the sizes and shapes are customized, but we do not use the typical trend of brown color packaging boxes but also, we also use colorful packaging boxes for gift Custom Chocolate boxes.


These colorful gifts with a bow or tie do not require any paper packaging. The goodie bags are always incredible that is why a lot of attention is paid to building gift chocolate packaging boxes.

You can get a free quote on customize chocolate packaging boxes that save the expense of your wish card or note as well.


Cost-Effective Packaging   

Though a lot of features are given to customize chocolate packaging boxes this does not mean that these packaging boxes are expensive. These boxes are not expensive at all because firstly, the material that is used to manufacture these packaging boxes is natural and originated from trees and forests.

It’s not man-made material. Secondly, the customize boxes make these packaging boxes reasonable by giving wholesale rates with free shipping at your doorstep. We love to deliver the ideal packaging solution for chocolates with error-free packaging.


Create your Success Story!

No packaging company is going to give you such significant sorts and offers of customization. So, it's the best time to be a part of our team and build your success story. It’s the best time to join hands with us and contact our expert designers they are available 24/7 to take notes of your suggestions regarding chocolate packaging.

Feel free to contact us any time the option of live chat has also been introduced for the customer’s ease. Make your product branded first and then earn unbelievable profit.


We are One Click Away!

The customers have no need to visit our outlet to get their desired packaging solution. They can do it by sitting at their homes as well. We have started an online facility to place your order. The customers can send us an email or call us.

Usually, we take 6 to 8 working days to manufacture your order. Stay in connect with us for the latest updates!


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