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Packaging Industry Trends 2024


Everyone associated with manufacturing, retailing, shipping and cargo, warehousing, logistics, and even buying is anticipating packaging trends for 2024. However, the anticipation and excitement are unlike every other trend because the packaging has a unique impact.

Trends in the packaging industry for 2024 will determine many things, including the product cost and the brand's popularity. 

Therefore, the question remains: what are the expected trends for packaging in 2024? The packaging trends for the upcoming year include the growth of sustainability, tech, innovation, interactive, and inclusive packaging.

The growth of sustainability and the anticipated legislation will also be driving factors in the reduction of plastic use. Packaging sector experts also predict that other factors can influence it. These factors are the economy, availability of labor, and cost, which will likely influence packaging design in 2024.

Now, let us take a look at the expected trends for packaging in the year 2024. For your ease, the article will be in three (3) major parts. We shall discuss sustainable packaging trends, tech and innovation trends, and experience and personalization trends.


1. Sustainable Packaging Trends

Every other brand is trying to promote sustainability; going for sustainable packaging is the easiest way.

Therefore, the year 2024 is expected to bring in new innovative, sustainable packaging solutions. Let's see what these trends are.


1.1 Mushroom-based bio-packaging

This packaging is manufactured with a new and organic alternative to plastic, mycelium. It originates from the roots of the mushrooms, and the idea behind this packaging is to promote edible packaging.

Thus, this can be the kind of edible packaging that composts with food leftovers! This biodegradable packaging has the potential to become trending while replacing bubble wrap and polystyrene.

In short, this packaging will likely rule the food packaging sector in 2024. Food packaging made out of mushrooms sounds fun!


1.2 Refill and Reuse Revolutions

Brands are promoting the idea of refillable and reusable packaging solutions. These packaging solutions can be refiled and reused time and again. Their reuse is supposed to be limitless, which means they can be used for everything from cosmetics to household items.

Also, they can be used for food and beverages, too. Many brands have refill stations inside stores and malls to facilitate customers and promote refillable and reusable packaging solutions.


1.3 Seaweed Replaces Plastic Wraps

Seawood coatings are likely to be the next alternative for plastic wraps. The seawood coating is an edible wrapping; thus, it is ideal for fruits and vegetables. This is helpful in reducing food waste and, at the same time, offers a salty snack.

Hence, they are going to be trending in 2024 as an alternative to plastic wraps. 


1.4 Localized Sourcing of Materials

Another expected trend for the packaging industry is the rise of localized sourcing of materials. Experts are anticipating a rise in the use of upcycled and recycled materials. This will eventually promote local sourcing and reduce the carbon footprint.

Also, it will reduce the cost of packaging solutions. Thus, we can say that this 2024 trend is going to be the best in terms of cost and environment. 

2. Tech and Innovation Trends



The tech and innovation trends in packaging are a new addition to the industry. Advancements in the tech industry have had a direct impact on packaging trends as well.

Thus, the following are the trends that experts are anticipating for the packaging industry in 2024.


2.1 AR Activated Interactive Packaging

The first technological innovation in packaging we expect to see is incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. These AR and VR simulation experiences can be used to share various types of information.

For instance, they can be useful for sharing recipes, hidden messages, or games to engage customers. Brands can collaborate with different popular games to increase their customer base. Also, it can be a great way to promote new editions of games and other interactive AR & VR modules. 


2.2 Sensorial Surprise

This is another amazing packaging innovation expected to go viral in 2024. The idea is to incorporate a sensory surprise in the custom packaging solutions. The sensory surprise can be textures, fragrances, and even sounds.

They can create an immersive brand experience for buyers and improve customer engagement. For instance, a tea box that releases the aroma of the tea when the box is opened. Similarly, a lingerie box that gives the feel of the fabric inside.

Also, imagine a box with a board game that opens with the voice of the game character. Such imaginative innovations are taking place in 2024, and the year will be amazing for the packaging sector.


2.3 AI-powered Design Wizards

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, the design of the box is also going to revolutionize. Many brands have already tested this idea, and they are planning to adopt it completely.

The idea is to get the help of artificial intelligence to design the packaging. Thus, create a more unique and imaginative packaging that aligns with your brand and products. Moreover, artificial intelligence can be helpful in improving the current designs of the packaging.

The use of artificial intelligence on a professional level has increased rapidly. Even Marvel has used AI designs in its recent television series 'Secret Invasion.'

So, we can claim that artificial intelligence is really coming up hard and making its way into every business sector. It is only about time that it will be an integral part of the packaging industry, too.


3. Experience Enhancing Trends

Enhancing the customer experience is something that brands have been struggling with for quite some time. Therefore, 2024 is going to see many amazing developments in this area, too.

The following are going to be the top trends in 2024 in the packaging industry regarding enhancing customer experience.


3.1 Subscription Box Magic

The subscription boxes work magically in favor of a brand as well as its customers. The trend of using subscription boxes to increase the brand's customer base has been out for some time.

However, in 2024, the magic of the subscription box will bring us enchanting spells and captivating surprises. These boxes work as a portal to huge surprises filled with pleasant assorted merchandise.

Also, they ignite the curiosities of the customer and increase their temptations. Brands use these boxes to introduce exclusive merch and insider secrets to their exclusive clients. Moreover, these boxes are perfect for introducing and promoting DIY projects.

Put all the ingredients inside the box in special sleeves. Ask your customers to make the product fresh every time they want it. Hence, they can be useful in promoting the reuse and repurposing of packaging, a critical subject in the packaging world. 

So, get ready to cast your spell on the world, for subscription boxes are going to be more than packaging solutions in 2024. They will be portals to enchanted possibilities.


3.2 Gamified Packaging Solutions

The use of interactive and gamified packaging is going to be another user experience-enhancing trend in 2024. Brands can use this idea to keep customers engaged with their products. The value of a cereal box increases when it has a light pun or a motivational quote.

Similarly, if the intended audience is kids, you might want to go for hidden rewards, such as a toy. Such rewards can make your brand and product more appealing to the kids. 

Moreover, other options to make the box more interactive include light scavenger hunts, word of the day, and fun puzzles.

In addition, there is also a trend of collaboration between brands and popular games. Making the packaging relevant to the theme of the game or being a direct sponsor makes your brand popular.

So, there is a lot that you can explore in gamified packaging and get the best for your brand.


3.3 Personalization Prowess 

The biggest claim to fame for the packaging world is the availability of customization options. However, in 2024, the customization is going to be even crazier.

There are several amazing ideas floating around, and we shall see them in 2024. These ideas are briefly described here. Custom-made packaging with the name of the customer on each carton. This gives a sense of value and luxury to the customers.

However, this idea is only suitable for regular customers and subscription boxes. Moreover, printing customers' responses and feedback on the box is another amazing idea. This will tell the other customers how reliable and popular your brand and products are.

Furthermore, experts have also foreseen the rise of packaging uniquely customized to individual customers, featuring their preferences or even generated artwork based on their data.


4. Miscellaneous Trends

So far, we have discovered the exotic world of sustainable packaging, tech & innovation, and experience enhancing trends. Now, it is time to move on to some other trends. These trends may not fall under any specific category.

However, they are not only impressive but also going to be leading the packaging world. So, let us explore these trends quickly.


4.1 The Rise of Minimalist Designs

In 2024, we can say that gone are the days when packaging needs to be loaded with embellishments. This year, the experts are eyeing the return of simple and one-color, clean lines and minimalist designs.

Such packaging solutions are specific for the brands that need more attention for their products than the box. As the experts say, packaging with excessive designs and colors only creates a diversion from the product.

Also, the minimalist trend helps brands that are promoting sustainability and the use of fewer resources. It also includes the use of organic and sustainable manufacturing materials and colors.

Therefore, going minimalist is the best option for you to save your budget as well as follow a global trend.


4.2 Government Regulations

The packaging industry experts are forecasting strict regulations from the government on plastic use and packaging waste. Such regulations are going to push the packaging industry to search for new and sustainable packaging supplies.

Moreover, there are many industries that are already under strict government regulations for packaging, such as cannabis. It is likely that the other industries are going to face the music in 2024, too.

The biggest causes for this strict change are the carbon footprint and packaging waste. The good thing about that change is that many leading brands have already come to the same page. They are already minimizing their carbon footprint, or at least trying to go there.

Following this trend will take you to the line with all the big names in 2024.


4.3 Emerging Markets

The packaging industry experts are confident that 2024 is going to be the year of emerging markets. The industry is expected to grow beyond traditional markets, such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany.

This year, the industry will grow beyond that and find its way into the emerging markets of developing countries. There are several touch points the industry can work on to make its way.

For instance, making the packaging culturally relevant to the market, affordable, and more functional. Such considerations can cause the industry to see significant growth in new markets – developing countries.

Moreover, empowering small businesses and start-ups can also pave the way to new markets for the packaging industry. Hence, the year 2024 is going to bring a lot of new and exciting markets for the packaging industry.



In conclusion, the world in general and the packaging world in specific are going to see amazing trends in 2024. Everyone, including the best packaging manufacturers in the USA, is excited about these trends.

This excitement is going to make various industries talk of the town. Try out any or all of these amazing trends that we have shared with you. And if you like any of these ideas, you must share them with others and let them know what is going to trend in the packaging world in 2024.

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