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Lip gloss is one of the most popular cosmetic products out of the hundreds on the market. The type of packaging you choose for your lip gloss is also highly important. There are various factors that you need to consider while creating custom lip gloss packaging. But the first one is taking lip gloss box measurements.  

Taking the lip gloss box measurements is the first step towards receiving bespoke packaging for your lip gloss. How to get accurate measurements must be a query in your mind. We have come up with this write-up to answer all your queries about creating precise, protective, and perfect packaging for your lip gloss.

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Importance of Accurate Lip Gloss Box Measurements

You must be aware of the significant role packaging plays in protecting your product. A box that does not offer a snug fit for your product can damage it. The majority of lip gloss comes in glass bottles. Due to its sensitivity, glass is highly susceptible to tampering. 

To make sure that your lip gloss stays safe and in one place during shipping, you need accurate measurements. It will offer a close-packed fit to your products. The exact dimensions of your packaging will keep your lip gloss from moving around the container during shipping. 


Taking the Measurements of Lip Gloss Boxes

There are several factors that you need to consider while taking measurements of your lip gloss boxes; let's look at them one by one. 


Dimension of the Lip Gloss Container


Lip Gloss Container Dimensions


It can be a little confusing how to obtain the exact measurements. So, first of all, you need to measure the following, 



To measure the length of the lip gloss container, you need to start from the bottom of the container to the top. You can use measuring tape or a ruler to get the length of the lip gloss. 



Place your measuring tape on the wide side of the container in order to take the width measurement. Your width can be calculated from your length's 90-degree angle.


To calculate the height, you need to put your measuring tool on the vertical side of the container. You also need to include the cap of the container in the height measurement. 
You can measure the height both in inches and in centimeters. 

Always provide your packaging manufacturer with an extra two-inch product measurement. This will offer your lip gloss containers a snug fit and keep them from being too compactly packed. 


Material of Your Packaging 

The type of material you choose for your packaging can also influence the precision of the dimensions. Materials like rigid and corrugated may require your product to demand extra space. While cardboard and Kraft will not take up much space.

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Role of Customized Lip Gloss Packaging 


Role lip Gloss packaging


Packaging plays a great role in offering your customers extended brand exposure. It helps them identify your brand in the fierce competition.

As Delia Smith once said, “A hen's egg is, quite simply, a work of art, a masterpiece of design and construction with, it has to be said, brilliant packaging!”

Getting your lip gloss packaging boxes customized requires careful consideration of various factors. To create the perfect lip gloss packaging, you need to consider the following material: 


Material of the Packaging 

The material you select will impact the quality of your packaging. You should only consider high-grade packaging materials to pack your lip gloss. 

Cardboard and Kraft are both excellent choices for your lip gloss box packaging. Both of these materials are eco-friendly. They are durable and keep your lip gloss containers safe during shipping. Cardboard and kraft are also highly cost-effective. You can also get wholesale rates for bulk orders. 


Design of the Packaging 

The design of your packaging needs to be remarkable. It should be able to grasp your customer’s attention with just one glance. You can use relevant imagery, symbols, and graphics on your cosmetic packaging. 

Choosing the appropriate color scheme for your packaging can also have a big impact on your customers' decision to buy. Choose colors that are inviting and will interest your customers. Bright colors for a lip gloss box can engage the customer with your product. 

Although, it’s not always necessary to choose the brightest design because minimal packaging can also work for you. All you need to do is take into consideration the brand image you want to project when designing your packaging. 


Style of the Box

This is one of the most common factors that you need to consider when creating the ideal packaging for your lip glosses. Some famous custom box styles for lip glosses include, 

  • Tuck-end box style 
  • Two-piece box 
  • Luxury mailer box 
  • PVC Window box 
  • Flip-top box 

You can choose any box style depending on your product requirements. 


Where To Buy Personalized Lip Gloss Boxes From?

You can buy custom lip gloss boxes from local packaging vendors, wholesale suppliers, as well as online businesses. If you are looking for the easiest way to order these boxes, you should simply contact an online packaging manufacturer. 

The Customize Boxes can prove to be an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable packaging supplier. We offer you countless customization choices that can make your product packaging look stunning. We also offer wholesale deals and excellent-quality packaging for your lip gloss containers. 


Final Words

You can't compromise on the safety of your cosmetic product. Follow the above-mentioned instructions to get the precise lip gloss box measurement. Reach out to us if you still have questions or want to get lip gloss packaging for your brand!

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