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Features in Custom Vape Boxes

From large vape manufacturers to small retailers, all look for the right packaging to display vape products. Research also shows that vapers also draw to products that look appealing to their eyes.

In this scenario, you can’t make a huge difference using boring packaging. So, you must put efforts to find innovative packaging. Custom vape boxes offer something for your business. It helps to give your products a unique edge over others.

Shortly, businesses can generate a noise in the industry using spectacular packaging.  But you need to consider some important things while selecting the packaging for your vape products.

In other words, packaging that can bring your branding to life is the best one for you. 

In this blog post, we will share some key features that you must look for in vape packaging.



The sturdiness of packaging plays a crucial role in the failure or success of vape products. So, it’s always necessary to check which material is used to make boxes.

Shortly, your custom vape boxes should be durable enough to protect your vape products. For this, you can use kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material for this purpose. These materials keep your items intact during long travels.

So,safety is the main factor that you should look for in packaging. 



The cost is the main factor that you should consider. It is because businesses have limited budgets for product packaging.

The affordable packaging that never breaks the bank does wonders for businesses. So, if custom vape boxes are cost-effective as well as appealing are fit for your brand. It can save you from the worries of investing more dollars. 


Promote Your Brand

Make sure custom vape boxes have fonts, logos, and images. It is because vape packaging with a logo is a moving billboard for your brand. Also, it helps to imprint your brand image in the buyer’s minds.

It also helps to give the message of authenticity. Thus, this feature shouldn’t be neglected. It guarantees the promotion of your vape brand. 


They Are Eco-friendly

In this era, more and more people help to buy your products from eco-friendly vape brands. So, look for custom vape boxes that are environment-friendly. It also shows you are participating in reducing the waste on the Earth.This way.

Additionally, recyclable packaging also gives a high-end feel to your products. 


Highlight Product Features

Highlight the product features is necessary to bring more vapers. Shortly, when vape packaging highlights features, it helps the audience to understand your unique products. Custom vape boxes should show voltage compatibility, coil, and other characteristics. 


Contain Necessary Warnings

If packaging is conveying necessary warnings then it is a perfect fit for you. Also, make sure the print is readable and label design is clear. In other words, your warning part should be really aesthetic.

It also shows your vape brand meets the compliance regulatory compliance. Thus, it is highly important to check the warning labels to give a safe vaping experience. 


Easy Opening & Closing

The easy opening and closing of custom vape boxes keep your customers excited. Also, it saves the time of shopkeepers and onlookers. It also helps the audience to make the buying decisions.

You can also use slide-lid boxes and window boxes for convenient packaging experience. If your packaging has the above features then you can easily attract organic traffic. Shortly, your use should be satisfied at the end of the day. 


Be Creative with the Vape Packaging

Creative vape packaging is something that helps to enlighten the mood of buyer’s. It is also not possible to get a high position in the industry without good packaging. So, you need to produce custom vape boxes that align with the personality of vapers.

Additionally, as a responsible brand owner you need to focus on every detail. 


Use the following techniques to make buyers feel appreciated. 


Use Bold & Simple Coating

Packaging further requires coating to enhance the visibility of vape products. So, use bold and simple coating to make custom vape boxes stand out. Matte and gloss coating works best for creating smooth texture. This way you can give the royalty packaging vibes to the audience. 


Colorful Printing

If your packaging is less in vain then people will not purchase your products. Thus, the primary concern of businesses is to add colors to packaging.

You can use two color models such as PMS and CMYK. That makes vape products prominent among others. Also, it makes your product attractive for customers.  There are also many printing methods such as flexography, offset, and digital.

Besides this, you can use a massive variety of color schemes to add appeal to vape packaging.  By choosing online printing companies you can make custom vape boxes top-notch. 


Add Decorative Elements

Last but not least, businesses can use decorative elements for custom vape boxes. You can use different cards and bows. It is because some people also love to give vape items to their loved ones. And, they look for products in embellished packaging. Thus, it is necessary to revamp the outlook of packaging. 

Keep reading to explore unique types of custom vape boxes. Use all these tips and tricks, you will receive valuable feedback from the targeted customers. The positive reviews can urge more audiences to make purchases.  

Your vape brand will get a high number of orders. For this, packaging experts can help you in creating amazing packaging. 


Unique Vape Boxes Types

Unique Vape Boxes


As a vape brand owner, you need to adopt different packaging types. It helps to attract more vapers to your brand. So, go for packaging that looks good and can sell more products.

The audience likes spice and sugar in their lives. So, what’s stopping you from using such exclusive boxes?

Here are some packaging types that help to get high revenues. 

  • Custom Vape Accessories Boxes
  • Dank Vape Boxes
  • Custom Vape Mod Boxes
  • Vape Cartridge Boxes

All these packaging types are easier to move and handle. Most vape manufacturers use these boxes to encase their products. 


Final Thoughts!

As we have discussed above, custom vape boxes with enticing features gracefully present your products.  Thus, these boxes are highly important for your vape brand.

Shortly, If your packaging meets with the latest and new trends then you can achieve your goals easily. The Customize Boxes is an excellent resource for perfect custom vape boxes. They offer you amazing services over others. They help you in each step and make your packaging more functional.

If you are still unaware about the packaging features you can contact us. Happy Packaging Voilla!

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