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Cereal Box Packaging

Selling cereals in the crowded competitive market is challenging as so many cereal brands compete to attract customers.

There’s no denying that high quality and unique taste of your cereals help you retain customers for the long run. However, customers can only approve your quality and taste standards only when they buy your products; how do you convince prospects to buy your products in the first place?

Perfectly customized cereal box packaging is one of the best things that can help you make a difference and convince customers to buy your cereals. 

Here are eight important considerations for cereal packaging that can help you set your brand apart. Read On!

Comply with Legal Food Packaging Guidelines

Starting with one of the most important factors you should never ignore is to fulfill the legal requirements for food packaging. FDA is responsible for ensuring that the food sold in the USA is safe and contains proper labeling. You should follow the guidelines of the FDA for cereal box packaging to prevent constraints in the future. A few important points of FDA food packaging guidelines include:

  • Food packaging should be properly labeled.
  • Do not use false claim labeling on food packaging.
  • Use of recycled material to prevent contamination.
  • Follow good manufacturing practices for food packaging.
  • The packaging material should not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Use of generally recognized as safe (GRAS) substances for food packaging.
  • Follow FDA-approved migration limits to ensure the transfer of chemicals from packaging into food on a safe level. 

You can run your cereal business smoothly if your packaging aligns with the FDA-approved guidelines. 

Use Materials That Help Extend Cereal Shelf Life

When choosing food-safe materials for the packaging of your cereals, you should consider another important factor which is cereal longevity. Get the value of investing money in custom cereal boxes by ensuring that your product will have an extended shelf life and can be preserved without any damage.

For long-term preservation of cereals, you should consider using materials that have oxidation and chemical-resistant properties. A few reliable materials are mentioned below:

  • Tin 

This material is made from standard tinplate which consists of a thin steel sheet coated with tin. The cereal tin boxes are ideal because of their protective barrier properties. They are completely airtight which prevents oxidation. The temper-resistant and strong material properties ensure cereal protection inside the tin box. Another good characteristic of tin is that it can be recycled and reused.

  • Cardboard

Another good paper-based packaging material for cereal packaging boxes is cardboard. It is eco-friendly, flexible, and affordable. The flexible nature of cardboard helps you customize cereal boxes in your desired shape and style. Cereals are often packed in vacuum-sealed PVC bags and then placed inside cardboard boxes. 

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate

This is another excellent material especially used for long-term food storage. It can be used in two ways; first, the thin layer of polyethylene is attached inside the paper-based cereal boxes and second, it is used to make mylar bags. In both forms, this material offers cereal protection from air, oxidation, light, and heat. 

  • Kraft Paper

One of the best materials is kraft paper which is 100% biodegradable. Kraft food boxes are widely used in the food industry due to the food-safe properties of kraft paper. Despite being used as boxes for cereal packing, the kraft paper can also be used in the form of mylar bags. Kraft cereal boxes and bags are often used in their natural rustic brown color. 

Add Captivating Designs and Patterns 

Nearly three-quarters of Americans eat different types of cereals which shows that you have a great number of potential customers for your cereals. Consider your custom cereal boxes as a medium to communicate with your customers and brand. Use unique designs and color schemes, especially on the principal display panel (PDP) of your cereal boxes.

Consider the following factors to get perfectly customized cereal boxes:

  • Vibrant colors and high-quality Graphics for an appealing look.
  • Thematic designs convey a sense of urgency and a special feel.
  • Highlight proper product information with attractive typography.
  • Mention your eco-friendly practices to attract eco-conscious customers.
  • Brand consistency by incorporating colors and designs that complement your brand.

Highlight Cereal’s Nutritional Information

Never ignore highlighting the health benefits of your cereals. Health-conscious customers will not buy your cereals if the nutritional information is not mentioned on the cereal box packaging. Also, highlight the percentage of each nutrient, per serving, expiry date, ingredients, and calorie count. You can get them printed on the back or side panel of the boxes. 

Some brands highlight the health benefits that the product does not offer. The approach of highlighting fake claims on cereal boxes can ruin your brand image and is prohibited by the FDA. Therefore, you should state the product description about nutrients and health benefits carefully as every buyer reads the description before buying cereals. 

Promote Sustainable Food Packaging

You should never ignore three factors when choosing custom packaging for your business; customers’ changing preferences, industry needs, and packaging trends. All these factors revolve around one common thing which is sustainability. Therefore, you should consider choosing materials that are environment-friendly such as cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard. 

The use of eco-friendly packaging material will eventually lead you to build a good brand image by impressing ecologically conscious people. A recent study revealed that 53% of Americans are willing to pay 1-3% more for sustainable food packaging. You can also use eco-friendly inks when printing the designs for your cereal boxes. 

Choose Artistic Styles for a Memorable Unboxing 

So many cereal brands are using cereal boxes therefore, it is challenging for you to design boxes that are different from your competitors. It is a natural phenomenon that people are attracted to distinctive and aesthetically pleasing things. The same applies to your product packaging. You should show your creativity and unique style ideas when customizing cereal boxes. 

The attractiveness of boxes lies in their opening and closing mechanisms that also make your customers’ unboxing experience memorable. Other than standard cereal tuck boxes you can also consider some captivating styles such as:

  • Die-window boxes help enhance product visibility and give a sneak peek of cereals to customers. They also create intrigue among customers about how unique your cereals are. 
  • Cylindrical-shaped boxes grab attention at first glance due to their unique shape. They are often made from hard materials such as rigid. 
  • Hexagonal tuck boxes offer your cereals a distinctive look and stand out on the market shelves. They are often made from cardboard and kraft paper.
  • Rustic kraft tuck boxes look more appealing and complement the cereal packed inside them. They look aesthetically pleasing especially when customized with a PVC window design.
  • Gable cereal boxes also look unique due to their unique opening and closing mechanism plus shape. They look different from your competitors' cereal boxes on the retail store shelves.

Pick the Right Size for Precise Cereal Box Packaging

The cereal box dimension plays a crucial role in the growth of your business. You should ensure the boxes for different quantities of cereals first and then proceed with the cereal packaging boxes. The right height of the cereal box can help meet regulatory requirements regarding labeling and also for the PDP area. 

Your cereal remains safe and stays intact during shipping, stacking, and handling if the box is designed in the right size. The standard size is 12 x 8 x 1 34 inches and weighs approximately 500 grams. You can make different sizes of cereal boxes by deciding the cereal weight and box dimensions for precise packaging. The right size of cereal boxes also improves cost efficiency. 

Make Considerations to Choose the Right Packaging Partner

Each of the above-discussed factors for making perfectly customized cereal box packaging can practically work only if you get the right custom packaging supplier. Making a few important considerations for choosing the right packaging partner can help you get tailor-made cereal boxes. The following are some factors you should consider:

  • Make a list of custom packaging suppliers in your country. 
  • Read the reviews about all the wholesalers.
  • Shortlist those who can fit with your business needs.
  • Contact short-listed packaging suppliers and get custom quotes.
  • Analyze the quotes and choose the one that offers quality packaging at reasonable prices.

Choose the custom packaging partner that offers free design support, wholesale discounts, and free shipping. Also, the one who is committed to quality, and helps you choose cereal packaging boxes that align with your brand image and product needs.

Final Words

Your cereal business can grow exponentially if you understand your customers’ psychology and the art of selling your products with the help of custom packaging. All the factors discussed in this blog can help you customize impactful cereal packaging boxes. 

Consider these factors and see the positive difference in your product sales. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us – we will get back to you ASAP!

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