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Branding with Luxury candle boxes

Branding can be done through various mediums, and packaging is one of them. Custom luxury candle boxes can be a great source of branding for you. All you need is a good-quality material and a visually appealing and informative packaging design that aligns with your branding strategies. 

In this blog, we are going to help you understand how you can do perfect branding with luxury candle boxes. We will share helpful insights on how you can create the ideal packaging design that can help you with marketing and advertising your product the right way – read on to find more!


What is Branding?

As Marty Neuimer said, “Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.”

Branding means thinking out strategies that can help a brand set itself apart from the competition and find its place in the market. It is about sharing your brand’s values and your product’s story with the customers. 


6 Tips to Boost Branding with Packaging


Tips t Boost Branding with Packaging


Your packaging design needs to be a combination of strategic thinking and creative impression.

To create the ideal packaging, you need to choose a suitable and excellent quality material. Next, you need to carefully consider the design element of your packaging.  Consider the below-mentioned tips to create exquisite branding with luxury candle boxes:


1. Keep it Clear & Simple

There is no need for your packaging design to be cluttered. The idiom “less is more” applies to the packaging of your products as well. It can be as minimal as you want it to be. 

The main role of your design is to communicate your product’s idea to your customers. A design with cluttered graphical imagery makes the customers feel overwhelmed. It also diverts their attention from the main motif. This way, the design's goal is not completely achieved. 

To communicate the concept behind your product clearly, go with a minimalist design approach. This design only includes the important imagery and other necessary information. You can create a memorable brand impression in your customer’s mind through minimalist packaging design. 


2. Make it Intriguing 

It is basic human nature to be drawn to subjects that captivate and intrigue them. Adding a mystery element to your packaging design will spark your customer’s interest in your product. It will enhance your branding and help your customers remember your brand. 

Some elements that can add mystery to your packaging include, 

  • Hidden Messages
  • Small Puzzles
  • Scented Stickers & Labels 
  • Interactive Symbols 
  • Hidden Notes 

The element of surprise and intrigue can enhance the packaging experience for your customers. It also shows your dedication to your brand.  


3. Stay in Style 

The design needs to be trendy. An outdated design on your product will not interest your consumers. Add a new feature to your packaging that shows what you support. The feature could be an add-on like the change in shape or style of the box. 

You also need to stay informed about the latest packaging trends, including the design, add-ons, and material.
Here are some of the latest packaging designs that can elevate your product’s branding.

  • High Contrast
  • Augmented Packaging 
  • Sleek Pastels
  • Interactive Packaging 
  • Retro Design 


4. Promote What You Support 

Branding is all about promoting your product the right way. Promoting sustainability through your product is another marketing strategy that people are using these days. If you support this cause and derive your products from natural materials, you must communicate this to your audience. 

The cause that you are working for needs to be shared with your consumers. This helps them develop a personal connection with you, as most of these consumers support the same cause. Your design can be a great portrayal of the cause you’re supporting. 


5. Know Your Audience 

Here comes the most important part of branding. Knowing your target audience helps you connect with them through their preferences and needs. You need to first understand who your audience is and why their interests resonate with the product you are selling.

You should create a packaging design that solves all of your target customers' problems and offers them the solution they have been waiting for. 


6. Use Premium Finishing Features 

After all, we are talking about luxury candle boxes, so the customization on these boxes needs to do justice to their label. 

Some premium finishing features on your packaging can elevate your branding. These features can also enhance the overall presentation of your packaging and offer your customers an unforgettable unboxing experience. 

Some of the premium finishing options are, 

  • Embossing 
  • Debossing 
  • Gold Foiling 
  • Silver Foiling 
  • Spot Uv 
  • Aqua Coating 


Wrapping Up!

Branding makes your brand recognizable to your target market, and along with that, it represents your brand’s identity and shares your brand’s values with your customers. We hope the above-mentioned information will help you learn the art of branding with luxury candle boxes. 

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