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Biodegradable Kraft Boxes

In this world, all brands are struggling to build a greener future. It is because people are becoming more conscious about environmental conditions. Shortly, they don’t need any further disaster in the coming years. Don’t worry, kraft boxes are your go-to solution for products. Using these boxes, you can reduce the rate of pollution.

It can also imprint a positive brand image in the minds of the audience. Plus, you can personalize them. That helps to gain a lot of fame in the market. Along with sustainability, they are highly versatile. So, you can use them to pack various products. Also, they are appropriate for e-commerce business. Stories about the kraft packing do not end here. 

Let’s jump right into the details of are kraft boxes biodegradable?


What Makes Kraft Boxes Sustainable?

We can say that material is something that makes packaging eco-friendly. Thus, sustainable kraft materials are only used to manufacture kraft boxes.

The best thing is  kraft paper is made from wood fiber. This material goes through some process. And makes packaging more sustainable. Shortly, it never releases harmful elements to the environment. Also, they are brown in color.

They also can make a big difference in the industry. Simply, they meet the needs of your business. So, it is a wise decision to achieve sustainability goals. 

Now let’s move forward towards the reasons that make these boxes a preferable choice. 


Know the Reasons: Why Eco-friendly Packaging Options is Preferable?


Why eco-friendly Kraft packaging


Research shows that 60% of people prefer eco-friendly packaging. Whether you are an established business or a small brand, you can use recyclable kraft packaging to survive. It is because the market is crowded with numerous brands.  So, you must use eco-friendly packaging options to stand out. It also reflects the true picture of your brand.  Also, it urges onlookers to make a quick decision. 

Trivium packaging found that buyers are willing to pay extra for products that are encased in green packaging. 

The reasons for going for custom kraft boxes are as follows. 



Kraft boxes are not more expensive than regular packaging boxes. Simply, their production cost less.  It also allows printing features that can promote your product. So, you can be environmentally responsible without breaking the bank. 



Secondly, it doesn't absorb moisture. That saves your food products from getting stale. In simple words, the weather conditions don't affect the quality of your products. That keeps the buyer satisfied. Thus, a large portion of the food industry uses these boxes.  


Can Endure Folding

The excellent thing is that kraft boxes can endure folding. It doesn’t tear and break with the load. This feature keeps the items undamaged. This way you can make your brand customer’s favorite. 


Valuable Protection 

Customers get disappointed when they receive broken or damaged products. So, it is necessary for businesses to encase products in durable kraft boxes.  It can handle tough situations during traveling. They are the perfect blend of style and durability. So, let your business shine in the industry. 



Last but not least they decompose faster than plastic boxes. Also, environment-friendly packaging leaves no residue when decomposed. They generate less waste on the earth. Rather than plastic packaging contributes to enhancing the waste in landfills. Thus, they are suitable for the current situation of the earth.

All these reasons tell why kraft packaging matters. Thus, they are in high demand. So, what’s stopping you? Always go for eco-friendly kraft boxes to secure the future of coming generations. 

The Future of Packaging: Are Kraft Boxes Recyclable?


Features to Add in Recyclable Kraft Packaging

The distinctive features play a key role in attracting more customers. They don’t want to have boring packaging of products. Simple, it doesn’t impress them much. 



Personalization helps to add attraction to the product packaging. It allows you to add motivational or inspirational quotes. That builds a connection with the targeted audience.  Also, you can use minimalist designs and vibrant colors on custom kraft boxes. That makes items truly unique. We can say that it acts as a persuasive agent. 


Cut-out Windows

The cut-out windows on boxes enhance the confidence level of prospects. So, they invest in the products without any doubt. It is because it gives the best view of your products. That impresses onlookers at first glimpse. So, add windows to get several benefits.



Inserts are the most beneficial feature. It helps to pack multiple products at once. Organized products give an enticing feel to the products.  Also, it saves your delicate products from collision. As a result, unscratched items leave customers with a positive feedback. This feature makes transportation easier for businesses. 


Varieties in Kraft Paper


Kraft Box Varieties


Do you know? There are several varieties in kraft paper. They have different strength levels. Shortly, they keep your products secure. Some examples are the following;


Regular Kraft Paper

Regular kraft paper has more tensile strength. Also, its grammage is 40-135 mg/m2


Sack Paper

Sack paper has high tear resistance and elasticity. They are ideal for high-end products. That needs excellent protection. 


Candy Wrapping Paper

Candy wrapping paper is thin 30-40g/m2. They are typically opaque and have high oriented fibers. 


Spinning Kraft Paper

Spinning kraft paper has a low grammage. They are made with high fiber orientation. Thus, it is sturdy and highly resistant. 


Absorbent Kraft Paper

It is made from low kappa hardwood kraft. Shortly, the formation of absorbent kraft paper is of high quality. 


Final Thoughts!

In summary, kraft boxes are green packaging alternatives. They also offer other opportunities while staying committed to sustainability. investing in kraft boxes are simple steps towards a greener future. This way you can get thousands of loyal customers. In other words, they will fuel your business growth. 

Simply, they are the winning solution for your business. Most packaging companies offer biodegradable box solutions at economical prices. So, with a limited budget, you can touch the height of success. 
I hope this blog will enhance your knowledge about kraft packaging. For more interesting blogs stay connected with us. 

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