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Looking for a unique Gift Box that will set you apart from the crowd? Custom Gift Boxes from The Customize Boxes can help with everything from birthdays to presents and for every special event. Get the best Custom Gift Packaging Boxes today at a low cost! Contact us today to get more exciting offers on our packaging solutions!

Gable Bag Gift Boxes Gable Bag Gift Boxes

Custom Gable Gift Boxes

Custom Gift Boxes with Window Custom Gift Boxes with Window

Custom Gift Boxes with Window

Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes

Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes

Birthday Gift Boxes Birthday Gift Boxes

Custom Birthday Gift Boxes

Custom Sweet Gift Packaging Boxes Custom Sweet Gift Packaging Boxes

Custom Sweet Gift Boxes

Dessert Gift Boxes Dessert Gift Boxes

Custom Dessert Gift Boxes

Bakery Gift Boxes Bakery Gift Boxes

Custom Bakery Gift Boxes

Custom Kraft Gift Packaging Boxes Kraft Gift Packaging Boxes

Custom Kraft Gift Boxes

Custom Gift Soap Boxes

Custom Gift Soap Boxes

Pillow Paper Gift Boxes Pillow Paper Gift Boxes

Custom Pillow Paper Gift Boxes

Kraft Paper Gift Pillow Boxes Kraft Paper Gift Pillow Boxes

Custom Kraft Paper Gift Pillow Boxes

Custom Wedding Gift Pillow Boxes Custom Wedding Gift Pillow Boxes

Custom Wedding Gift Pillow Boxes

Small Gift Pillow Boxes Small Gift Pillow Boxes

Custom Small Gift Pillow Boxes

Custom Printed Pillow Boxes Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

Custom Luxury Pillow Boxes Custom Luxury Pillow Boxes

Custom Luxury Pillow Boxes

Custom Printed Paper Bag Packaging Custom Printed Paper Bag

Custom Printed Paper Bags

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Custom Halloween Boxes

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Make your Product Momentous with Custom Gift Boxes

Custom gift packaging has emerged as a new style in the market. It is everywhere. It is unstoppable. At first, people thought that customized gift boxes can only be utilized for packaging gift items. It is not the case at all. Gift packaging boxes can be personalized. You can use these boxes for the qualitative packaging of a plethora of products. They can belong to the food, cosmetic, grocery, bakery, or retail industries.

Gift-style packaging, as mentioned above is EVERYWHERE!

Let us unfold the features of this Packaging Style. How can they influence one’s business? Can such boxes be used for branding? How physically sturdy are they? And above all what The Customize Boxes have to offer? Let's dive into it together.

What Makes Gift Boxes Popular?

The secret behind the rising prestige of customized gift boxes is not simple enough to be described in one line. Custom logo gift boxes are well-liked because of their style. Now the thing is: there is not a single encompassing style for these boxes. Rather, there are numerous. Let's discuss the trendy ones in detail.

Custom Pillow Gift Boxes

Custom gift boxes in pillow style are taking over the market at a fast pace. You can use such boxes to showcase jewelry, retail items, custom soaps, and numerous other products from the cosmetic industry. The Customize Boxes offer custom pillow gift boxes with add-ons and styles of your preferred choice. You can choose to have the Pillow Gift Packaging with handles, ribbons, a see-through window, or any other style of your choice. We have it all for you!

Custom Kraft Gift Boxes

Custom gift boxes made from Kraft material are exceptional. These are the most eco-friendly options for gift packaging. But this is not where the story ends. At the end of the day, people want their boxes to look beautiful. And you cannot have that without add-ons.

Kraft boxes can be customized the way one wants. Thinking about having the ribbon-enclosed box for your gift? Here are the Kraft Gift Boxes for you. In addition, you can also have these boxes with other add-ons like laminations, glitters, styles, designs, customized printing, and whatnot!

Custom Luxury Gift Boxes

Luxury custom gift packaging is commonly used during the festive season. This packaging is also termed Valentine packaging, wedding gift packaging, or treat packaging boxes. People spend a titanic amount of hours customizing such boxes. The reason is simple. They want to surprise the recipients.

The Customize Boxes is the hub for making luxury custom gift boxes. For this special style, we use rigid stock material, premium add-ons, and vibrant colors that set your gift apart from the rest.

Custom Gable Gift Boxes

The gable style is commonly used for bakery product packaging. The material that is predominantly used for making gable-style boxes is Kraft paper. But it is not the only thing that is stunning about these boxes. Custom Gable Gift Boxes are the apple of the eyes of many people. The box is easy to carry as the handle is there to assist you. You can have a die-cut window at the center that helps gaze at the product.

Finally, with this box, you can add a momentous look to your bakery products in ways you have not even imagined in your wildest dreams. That is scary to write, but believe it these custom gift boxes will prove to be very lucrative for your bakery business.

What Materials Make Custom Gift Packaging Superior?

A quality packaging box is always characterized because of its material. If the materials are substandard, the value of the box itself declines. The same is true for gift boxes. The right material choice increases the durability of the custom gift packaging. When we say right, we mean sturdy, a material with higher tensile strength, and a flexible material.

Let’s discuss the material options we have for your custom gift boxes with the logo.

Smooth Cardboard

Cardboard is the leader of all the raw materials used primarily for custom gift packaging boxes. Due to its smooth surface, it can be customized in certain ways. The surface allows for any sort of printing i.e. digital, offset, and screen printing. It is also flexible material. It makes shipping and delivery easy. Cardboard has higher tensile and tear-resistance strength. That is why it is the first pick of every retail business looking for custom boxes. And it proves to be a great material for custom gift boxes.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is biodegradable. Unlike cardboard, the printing options on it are limited as it has a natural brownish color which in itself is striking. It comes from natural wood pulp. The material is eco-friendly and sturdy. It is also ideal for making gable-style custom gift boxes and Pillow Gift Boxes with minimal printing.

Rigid Stock

Rigid stock is a premium packaging material for gifts. The surface of this material consists of a thick paperboard. This material is used for making custom luxury Dessert Boxes. Custom Wedding Gift Boxes are also preferred for this material. The rigid material is well known because of its exceptional beauty that is enhanced with add-ons like lamination, spot UV, and numerous others. If you need to make premium-quality custom gift boxes, this is the material for you.

— Frequently Asked Questions —

1. What are the Different Types of Gift Boxes that you Provide?

We manufacture gift boxes for various industries with numerous styles. The prominent ones are the custom pillow gift boxes, luxury gift packaging, gable gift boxes, custom gift boxes with handles, and custom bakery gift boxes.

2. What Kind of Lamination is Ideal for Gift Boxes?

The value of all types of lamination must not be denied. However, when we talk about gift boxes, gloss and matte lamination are of considerable importance.

3. What are The Add-on Options That you Provide?

There are many. However, the notable ones are embossing, debossing, laminations, inserts, hang tags, ribbons, and notches.

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