Custom Rigid Boxes

Looking for a dynamic packaging solution to present your product in a captivating way? The Customize Boxes offer custom rigid boxes that can be made in any style, with any die cuts, window cut out, design, or printing, and anything in between. The Customize Boxes provides high-end custom rigid boxes with a luxurious appearance at competitive rates.

Custom Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes Custom Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes

Custom Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes

Rigid Sleeve & Tray Boxes Rigid Sleeve & Tray Boxes

Custom Rigid Sleeve & Tray Boxes

Custom Luxury Rigid Boxes Custom Luxury Rigid Boxes

Custom Printed Luxury Rigid Boxes

Custom Small Rigid Boxes Custom Small Rigid Boxes

Small Rigid Boxes

Custom Large Rigid Boxes Custom Large Rigid Boxes

Custom Large Rigid Boxes

Custom Printed Ring Packaging Boxes Custom Ring Packaging Boxes

Custom Ring Boxes

Custom Printed Cardboard Wrist Watch Packaging Boxes Custom Printed Cardboard Wrist Watch Packaging Boxes

Custom Wrist Watch Boxes

Custom Perfume Boxes Custom Perfume Boxes

Custom Perfume Boxes

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Guaranteed Perfection for Your Customized Packaging and Printing Needs!

We offer you exceptional packaging outcomes with top-notch customized printed boxes service to enclose valuables in creative packaging. Get premium-quality custom boxes with logo by booking orders through a hassle-free process.


Custom Rigid Boxes

We build high-quality Custom Rigid Boxes for our clients’ luxury products to give a lasting impact on brand reputation and revenue maximization. The Customize Boxes provides quality solutions for custom rigid packaging by offering foldable rigid boxes, collapsible rigid boxes, rigid setup boxes, rigid gift boxes, etc. The exclusive custom rigid box packaging is done with special care and quality printing techniques to align with the product’s branding.

Among the many benefits of our rigid boxes, the packaging of your products will give a great first impression to your customers. These packages will be appealing to your customers and give them the best possible experience. Your customers will be more likely to purchase your products if they see your printed rigid boxes in person. You will also feel better about investing in them. Moreover, you will be able to reach your customers with a higher value than your competitors’ products.

The versatility of Custom Rigid Packaging has led to its popularity. With the growing popularity of eCommerce stores, you can easily customize the packaging for your products. You can even have a foam insert printed on the inside. The possibilities are endless. It is one of the best marketing strategies to help you retain your existing customers. In addition to this, custom-made rigid boxes will help you uniquely promote your brand. The flexibility of our custom boxes will also enable you to offer different types of products to your customers.

Choosing the correct rigid box packaging is the first step in ensuring a successful business. These rigid boxes can be printed with various designs and colors. If you choose the right design, your products will look better than expected. Custom printed rigid boxes will make a great impression on your customers. You can enhance your customer's experience by featuring the best features of your product. You can also make your product attractive by using customized rigid packaging.

Why Custom Rigid Boxes?

The trend of packaging changes over time, more importantly for luxury items, jewelry, wristwatches, mobile phones, perfumes, and gifts to reflect their unique display. Special features of collapsible rigid boxes, magnetic closure rigid boxes, embossing, foiling, UV coating, foam inserts, ribbon pulls, etc. In addition to custom printed colors, rigid packaging boosts the impact of your premium product for rigid box packaging. We at The Customize Boxes are specialized in providing all types of custom rigid boxes for your product need.

Get your All Products Wrapped

When potential customers look for premium luxury packaging, sophisticated and fine quality custom rigid box packaging is always a primary option. The Customize Boxes give the final touch to your product by providing luxurious and creative rigid box packaging. Our rigid packaging provides a staggering unboxing experience. Our custom rigid boxes range from;

  • Custom collapsible rigid boxes
  • Sleeve-and-tray style rigid boxes
  • Two-piece with an open lid rigid boxes
  • Foldable rigid boxes with magnetic closure
  • Rigid boxes with foam inserts

Bundle of Shapes

A lot of designs of packaging boxes are prepared to fulfill the desire of our clients. Window-shaped, die-cut, gable, apparel, pillow, tuck-end, open lid, top lid, and rigid are considered some of the most demanding packaging boxes. Apart from all, rigid boxes are deemed the best packaging solution for liquid products. The rigid boxes are manufactured on special orders.

Generally, we recommend our clients choose cardboard manufactured rigid packaging boxes. Cardboard is a strong material and can bear heavy-weighted items easily. Moreover, liquid products are usually in a glass jar or bottles and require extra care and attention. That is why cardboard is suggested to secure the product from getting damaged or leakage and to increase its life.

Countless Sizes

There are lots of shapes and sizes of rigid packaging displayed on our website, social media page, and at our outlet. You can get your desired measurement of custom rigid packaging. Pocket size to large, all sizes are manufactured at The Customize Boxes. Additionally, the size of custom rigid packaging is manufactured after asking the quantity of product from our clients.


When it comes to custom rigid boxes, the options are unlimited. You can even go for a spot UV coating or debossing. Your customers will surely appreciate your brand and buy products from you. So, if you are in the market for rigid boxes, don’t wait any longer and contact The Customize Boxes today.

While you are at it, take some time to think about how you will customize your rigid boxes. A great way to differentiate your product from your competitors is to choose a color palette as rich and unique as you are. This will help to build a positive first impression on your customers. With beautiful rigid packaging, you can make your product look even more attractive. And it will help to create a positive brand image.

Besides custom rigid boxes, they can be finished with various finishes, including a matte or a gloss finish, debossing, and spot UV coating. These boxes can also be customized with multiple finishing methods, including varnish, gloss, and spot UV. There are plenty of options available to choose the most appropriate one for your product. Our custom rigid packaging will appeal to your customers and give them the best first impression.

Incredible Custom Rigid Boxes Are Here!

To make the custom rigid boxes wonderful and enticing, contemporary 3D UV printing is done. We give a 100% guarantee that our printing never gets faded or damaged until one tries to tear it off. For rigid packaging, no more typical printing style is used. To emboss the logo, metallic color is used, and multicolored ink is used to imprint the company name, product details, and images. The color of ink is based on the nature of the product.

Custom Rigid Boxes – Best Advertising Medium

You do not need to visit any advertising company to publicize your product because our Custom Rigid Boxes are enough. When customers see the colorful cardboard rigid boxes, they get attracted to the product.

Make your Brand Distinct

Join hands with us, and our expert designers will help you in this regard. Our personalized rigid packaging boxes are always captivating and help to give a boost to your product.

Create Your Success Story!

If you are interested in creating your success story, choose Custom Rigid Boxes from The Customize Boxes. These packaging boxes will increase the life of your product, but you can also get cost-effective packaging. We are available 24/7. Feel free to reach us at any time to place your order. You do not need to come to our outlet, place your order by sitting at your home. Please send us an email at or call us at (972) 590 8867 to get your order at your doorstep. Keep in touch with us for the latest updates! 

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