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The Customize Boxes offers a diverse selection of custom corrugated boxes. With the help of our packaging experts, you can now create your custom corrugated boxes. Purchase high-quality corrugated boxes imprinted with your company's name and logo. Contact us for further details.

Custom Apparel Boxes Custom Apparel Boxes

Custom Apparel Boxes

Custom Corrugated Display Boxes Custom Corrugated Display Boxes

Custom Corrugated Display Boxes

Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes

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Custom Appliance Boxes With Inserts

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Custom Corrugated Kraft Boxes

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Guaranteed Perfection for Your Customized Packaging and Printing Needs!

We offer you exceptional packaging outcomes with top-notch customized printed boxes service to enclose valuables in creative packaging. Get premium-quality custom boxes with logo by booking orders through a hassle-free process.


Recyclable & Cost Effective Corrugated Packaging

Packaging adds to protection and outlook of the product, it can’t be ignored because it sells the items. The businessman who focus on the packaging design and invests in it before the launch gets huge ROI and becomes successful in the market. Corrugated packaging is a cost-effective solution of encasing the products which are sensitive as it keeps them protected while shifting. The boxes also serve well for the products which are not fragile as The Customize Boxes designs the boxes innovatively which grabs the attention and eliminates the requirement of traditional marketing. The staff at our company is experienced in adding creativity to the corrugated boxes. They work according to the client’s directions and it’s no pain for them to craft the packaging in a unique style to boost the sales.

Contribute to Strength with Corrugated Boxes 

There is no denying that keeping the product protected with custom corrugated packaging and get it to the end customers is an ordeal for businessmen. The brand owners who concentrate on crafting the corrugated boxes get happy customers as they don’t get damaged product. We create corrugated boxes which add to the strength of the boxes and contributes to the safety to give the value of the customers for their invested money. It takes the effort of our professionals to create a flawless consumer experience because we understand the importance of packaging so, we struggle to create it in a stylish way with no imperfection. The Customize Boxes is in the industry for the past many years and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide amazing packaging solutions to the clients for helping them flourish their business. We offer a wide range of eco-friendly materials from which the client is free to choose for housing the products with the protective shield. We are always available to add protection to the boxes to keep the products safe which helps in earning a huge profit on the investment which makes the business succeed.

Superior Quality Shipping Corrugated Boxes

Shipping the products to the far off place or exporting it requires sturdy Shipping Corrugated Boxes to keep the product undamaged until it reaches the desired place. Collision damages the product and there are many chances of product damage when it is shipped or a parcel is sent to the customer’s place when ordered from an online store. The Customize Boxes assists the e-commerce stores to send the parcel in a creative way with artistic artwork touch to the corrugated packaging so, the receiver feels glad upon receiving the order. We work to amaze the customers of our clients as people love to receive the parcels and the innovative boxes add to the value of packaging. We care for the earth as well while crafting the boxes and we don’t utilize the material which produces toxins or waste material which may harm the planet.

100% Recycled Content

As consumers become more aware of the environment, more companies are turning to environmentally friendly sources for their packaging boxes. They want to know the impact that their packaging materials have on the planet and do their part to minimize their carbon footprint. 100% recycled custom corrugated boxes support these efforts. They are made from material sourced from recycling facilities and forests that manage timber for replanting. In the end, these boxes offer the same protection as virgin-fiber boxes, but with a smaller carbon footprint.

Custom corrugated boxes are also available in custom configurations with up to 100% recycled content. These boxes are cut to fit your products perfectly, reducing shipping costs. You can choose from eight different styles and varying strengths and thickness. Choose from 32B or 23B corrugated sheets. These boxes will protect and persuade your customers, so they will be more likely to buy your products. You can even use a combination of both.

While using a 100% recycled content custom corrugated boxes may save you money, it does not guarantee the same level of performance or composition. Recycled boxes vary in quality and performance between suppliers. The following are some benefits of using 100% recycled content custom corrugated boxes.

Using 100% recycled material corrugated boxes for packaging reduces waste, thereby reducing packaging costs and environmental impact. You can eliminate the need for new forests while helping the environment by switching to this type of packaging boxes. Custom corrugated packaging is sturdy and can handle various weights. They can also be recycled at the end of their life. So, if you are looking for environmentally friendly custom corrugated boxes, consider purchasing a 100% recycled box from the Customize Boxes.

Printing Options

Custom corrugated boxes are a great way to show your company’s logo, re-order and supplemental information. They make it easy for retailers to stock shelves while also promoting your brand image. In order to maximize the return on your packaging investment, you can choose from a number of printing options for custom corrugated packaging boxes.

There are three common printing methods for custom corrugated boxes. Digital printing, lithography, and flexographic printing are the most popular and economical options. While each method has pros and cons, it is generally best for higher-volume orders. Digital printing is the most affordable method and works for almost everyone.

Another printing option for custom corrugated boxes is relief printing. This process breaks your design into a series of plates. Each plate is coated in light-sensitive polymer and developed in a darkroom photography technique. These plates then apply separate colors to your custom corrugated box. This process takes a lot longer than offset printing, but the finished product will look amazing. And, if you don't like the look of the finished product, you can change it to fit your style.

Why Choose The Customize Boxes for Corrugated Packaging?

The Customize Boxes is the name of quality and the staff has a vast knowledge of the customer’s psyche so, they focus on the elements which count the customers. If you are looking for durable and recyclable packaging options, then don’t look further than The Customize Boxes. We create simplistic corrugated boxes with enhanced attraction through the creativity which assists in getting the desired customer attention with the sophistication. We craft the corrugated boxes with the added protection for your fragile products to avoid the loss. We help the clients avoid wear and tear as well which is mandatory to keep the customers satisfied. The experts of our company discuss the requirements of packaging with the clients and they ask to share the packaging idea in their mind so, they can produce the corrugated boxes according to the client’s choice. We take the responsibility of packaging production and fulfil it with expertise.

In case of any queries contact us at (972) 590 8867 or discussing the packaging related concerns, leave us a word at We stay available throughout the day for helping the clients and solve their packaging issues. We don’t take much time for the box crafting and we deliver the packaging to the customer’s doorstep.

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